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Baby-sitters Club series new look bookad from 89 1995

Ad for the The Baby-sitters Club series "new look", found in books #88 and #89, and the reprint of #1.

Starting with book Kristy and the Dirty Diapers in September of 1995, all the books in The Baby-Sitters Club main series were printed in a new style and books #1-88 were reprinted in the new style, with several books reprinted every month until June 1997, when books #85-88 were released in their reprint versions.

Differences between Originals and Reprints[]

  • New covers with pictures of each of the members on the left, instead of their names being listed on the back cover of the book. In addition, each character had a distinct pattern and color scheme for her book.
  • Two scrapbook pages for the book's narrator at the end of the book (with the exception of books #90, 96, and 104 since Abby was still a new character at that point)
  • Fill-in-the-blank 'Notebook pages' related to the subject of the book
  • A "Dear Reader" Letter from Ann M. Martin about the subject of the book, or behind-the-scenes details
  • An offer for a new version of the BSC Fan Club.
  • Some of the earlier books, including books #1-7 and #45, were reprinted with different cover art created by illustrator Hodges Soileau. For books #1-4, different cover artist had done the original illustrations. In the case of books #5-7, Soileau did both the original illustrations and new reprint illustrations.
  • A registered mark was added behind the logo which were not on previous covers.

Accurate Date of Publication[]

The first printings of all reprint books #1 -88 occurred between September 1995 and June 1997, with several books first reprinted each month. However, for some reason many book databases such as amazon list the reprints with an inaccurate date published. The following is a list of accurate publishing dates, sourced from the copyright page of the first printing of a reprint book. To find this date, first ensure the book is a first printing, determined by a complete descending left number line 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Then determine the year by looking at the number line on the right, and determine the month by looking at the number in the middle.

Month and Year Books Published
Sept 1995 #1-5
Oct 1995 6, 7*, 8*
Nov 1995 9-12
Dec 1995 13-16
Jan 1996 17-20
Feb 1996 21-24
March 1996 25-28, 29*
April 1996 30-32
May 1996 33-36
June 1996 37-40
July 1996 41-44
August 1996 45-48
Sept 1996 49-52
Oct 1996 53-56
Nov 1996 57-58, 59*,60
Dec 1996 61-64
Jan 1997 65-68
Feb 1997 69-72
March 1997 73-74,75*,76
April 1997 77-80
May 1997 81-84
June 1997 85-88
  • copyright page did not specify a month, so the publication date is assumed based on previous and following books

Book Covers for each baby-sitter[]

For each book, the background pattern on the left indicated the baby-sitter narrating the book, while the main color background changed for each book.

Photos indicating members of the club[]

  • On the left side of the reprint covers, there are photos of the members of the club for the given book. This is useful information because many club members joined and left throughout the series. In addition, Mary Anne's photo changes from a long hair photo to a short hair photo after she cuts her hair in book #60.
  • Books #1-4 have the girls who started the club: Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey
  • In Book #5 Dawn joins
  • in #13, Stacey leaves to go back to New York
  • In #14, Mallory and Jessi join
  • In #28, Stacey returns to Stoneybrook and rejoins the club
  • In #67, Dawn moves back to California
  • In #69, Shannon joins the BSC temporarily to replace Dawn
  • Around #82, Dawn comes back
  • From #83-87, Stacey quits the club
  • In #88, Dawn leaves for California for good
  • In #90, Abby joins the club
  • In #126, Mallory leaves to go to boarding school
  • In #98, #114, #121 Dawn is present because she’s in Stoneybrook for the holidays.