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Starting with Kristy's Great Idea in May 2020, all the books in The Baby-Sitters Club main series were printed in a new style with a new illustrator.


The reprints include new covers of the Super Special and Baby-Sitters Little Sister as well. These reprints are still on going with the first twenty books scheduled through May 2022. The first fifteen books were released monthly between May 2020 to February 2021, with the first six published in May 2020. The book designs were done by Maeve Norton and cover art by Sumiti Collina.

Some of the new covers attempt to recreate the originals, such as Kristy's Great Idea, while others such as Claudia and the New Girl do not. The inside advertises for the BSC Graphic Novels and has a list of all the books in the series.

This set of reprints includes the Super Special and Mystery novels that weren't included in previous reprints. The first, Baby-sitters on Board!, was released in May of 2022, while the first 6 mystery novels are being released exclusively at Walmart [1].

A reprinting of the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series started releasing in July of 2021 with the first four books released at once. Later books appear to be released bi-monthly. The cover art is done by artist Christine Almeda. The spines have the checkerboard style, which is carried over from the original series.

Differences between Originals and Reprints[]

  • More cartoon-ish in art style
  • The new covers have a stamp advertising for the Netflix Series that was released in July of 2020.
  • The spines have stripes down the side alternating between light and dark shades. The main series has a normal stripe pattern
    • Little Sister books have a checker pattern
    • The Super Specials have a diagonal pattern
    • The Mysteries have a Triangular pattern.
  • The back covers have a small image of each girl on them with their roles in the club listed underneath.

Photos indicating members of the club[]

  • On the back cover of the reprint covers, there are photos of the members of the club for the given book. This is useful information because many club members joined and left throughout the series:
    • Books #1-4 have the girls who started the club: Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey
    • In Book #5 Dawn joins
    • In #13, Stacey leaves to go back to New York. Dawn takes over as BSC treasurer for the meantime
    • In #14, Mallory and Jessi join

Dates of Publication[]

Month and Year Books Published
May 2020 BSC #1-6
June 2020 BSC #7
July 2020 BSC #8
August 2020 BSC #9
September 2020 BSC #10
October 2020 BSC #11
November 2020 BSC #12
December 2020 BSC #13
January 2021 BSC #14
February 2021 BSC #15
May 2021 BSC #16
July 2021 BSLS #1-4
August 2021 BSC #17
October 2021 BSLS #5
November 2021 BSC #18
December 2021 BSLS #6
February 2022 BSC #19
April 2022 BSLS #8
May 2022 BSC #20
June 2022 BSLS #9
July 2022 BSC #21
August 2022 BSLS #10
October 2022 BSLS #11
December 2022 BSC #22
February 2023 BSC #23
April 2023 BSC #24
M #6
May 2023 BSC #25
July 2023 SS #2
September 2023 BSC #26
October 2023 BSLS #13
December 2023 BSLS #14
SS #3
January 2024 BSC #27
May 2024 BSC #28
September 2024 BSC #29
November 2024 BSLS #15
March 2025 BSC #30
LS #16


  • The Mystery Series has been releasing at Walmart with mystery 6 to be released on Amazon April 2023.[2]. Previous installments appear to be bi-monthly.
    • In late 2023, it appears that the mystery series has been discontinued.
    • In early 2024, it appears that the super special series has also been discontinued.
  • The reprints also include a list of the entire Baby-Sitters Club series (excluding the Little Sister and California Diaries spin-offs), being advertised as e-books. The Graphic Novel adaptations are also advertised.
  • After finishing the actual book, the reprints include a little preview of the next book to read like in previous editions.
  • This is the first time the mystery series and the super specials have been reprinted.
  • It's unlikely that the Baby-Sitters Little Sister Super Specials will be reprinted, Karen's Wish is the next Little Sister Book chronologically and the reprint of Karen's New Year has already been announced.
    • Given how short the release schedule of the mystery series has been, the super mysteries are unlikely to be reprinted.
    • It's unclear if the California Diaries will be reprinted.
  • Despite the 2020 series being canceled, the "A Netflix Series" stamp stayed on the covers until the cover for Mary Anne and the Great Romance.


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