The Baby-sitters Club 4th Grade Learning Adventures is a 2 CD-ROM set compatible with Mac and Windows 98/95 produced in 1998. The first CD contains games which build 4th grade skills in Math Language, Arts, Science, and Social Studies, and the second CD contains "Brain Blitz" games.

Description[edit | edit source]

Based on the best-selling Scholastic book series by Ann M. Martin, comes the first software for girls that combines 4th grade subjects with fun activities that promote real-life learning. Disk 1 builds 4th grade skills in language arts, social studies, math, and science. Disk 2 rounds out 4th grade skills by building real-life knowledge in subjects like cool careers and noteworthy women.. Players can also learn with friends in multi-player games and communicate with other fans in the BSC Online Clubhouse.

Disk 1: 4th Grade Skills[edit | edit source]

Build 4th grade skills in the world around you. Develop math skills as you solve everyday problems encountered while baby-sitting, practice parts of speech with Abby, and learn world geography by piecing together maps with Kristy. Other activities cover geometry, science, and critical thinking.

  • Geography - Build world geography and map-reading skills in Kristy's Map Maker.
  • Math - Add, subtract, multiply, and divide to help Stacey solve everyday math problems encountered while baby-sitting.
  • Language Arts - Practice using different parts of speech as you help Abby finish her wacky stories.
  • Geometry & Sequencing - Learn geometric angles and sequencing as you and Jessi choreograph ballet routines.
  • Science - Play with a friend to answer questions about the solar system, human anatomy, animal science and more.

Disc 2: BSC Brain Blitz[edit | edit source]

Build real-life knowledge in a multi-player learning game. Disk 2 uses the approach of an exciting quiz show to round out 4th grade skills by building a broad base of real-life knowledge. Test your knowledge, get smart, then play with your friends.

  • Real-Life Knowledge - Build real-life knowledge in subjects like cool careers, noteworthy women, the arts, government, technology, world cultures, and much more.
  • Learn with Friends - Up to four friends can play on four different skill levels
  • 4th Grade Skills - Apply what you know in math, social studies, science, and language arts by buzzing-in with correct answers.
  • Earn Bonus Points - The more questions you answer, the more chances you get to earn bonus points by completing challenging games.
  • Meet the BSC - Bring club members to life by clicking on their photos and hearing what they have to say

System Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Windows 95/98: 486/66 CPU or later, SVGA 256 color display, 16MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card and speakers, minimum of 20 MB available in hard drive, color printer recommended.
  • Macintosh: 68040 or PPC CPU, 640x480 256 color display, System 7.1 or better, 12MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, minimum of 20 MB available on hard drive, color printer recommended.

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