Abby Stevenson
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Full name

Abigail Stevenson


#89, Kristy and the Dirty Diapers


Friends Forever SS #1 Everything Changes




October 15


Long Island, NY




Anna Stevenson (twin sister)
Rachel Stevenson (mother)
Jonathan Stevenson (father; deceased)
Miriam Goldberg (aunt)
Daniel Goldberg (cousin)


Stoneybrook Middle School



First Appearance

#89, Kristy and the Dirty Diapers

Abigail "Abby" Stevenson is the alternate officer in The Baby-Sitter's Club. She replaced Dawn Schafer after Dawn moved permanently to California in #88 Farewell, Dawn. She makes her first appearance in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers and her final appearance in Everything Changes. She cameos in Graduation Day.

Personal Info


Physical Description

Abby's hair and eyes are deep brown, almost black. She has long thick hair so curly it is almost in ringlets. She is nearsighted and wears glasses or contact lenses. She has a pointy face. It's mentioned that she keeps her nails short in Abby's Twin. Abby has a soccer tan almost year around mentioned in Abby the Bad Sport. She is slightly taller than Anna as mentioned in Abby in Wonderland.

In Kristy and the Dirty Diapers, she's mentioned to be about 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Personality Traits

She has a wild sense of humor which grows on you. She tends to wander off when she's not the center of attention. She's a good mimic. Abby likes to jam to Aretha Franklin. She is into environmental issues. She is one tough cookie, she stands up to Kristy and is as firm in her opinions as Kristy is. She loves jokes especially puns. She cooks using the every pot in the house method.

Abby is a natural athlete. She's the assistant coach of Kristy's Krushers. She plays on the soccer team. She can run miles when not practicing soccer to keep her competitive edge. She's great at skiing and owns her own skis. She plays softball in the summer. She likes to bike, run, and play tennis. Abby is dedicated to having fun.

She is Jewish and must learn some Hebrew for becoming a Bat Mitzvah. She can speak a little Yiddish. In Abby and the Mystery Baby she says that she is not a wishy-washy person.

In Abby's Twin, she tends to be overdramatic when she wants to be.

In Stacey's Movie, she mentions that she's usually behind in school reading. Emily Bernstein remarks that she'll fill her schedule with more than she can handle. Abby says that's not want she wants to be like.

Like Kristy, she doesn't own many dresses as mentioned in Abby's Lucky Thirteen.

She mentions that she's not very tactful in Welcome to the BSC, Abby.


  • To be outside
  • Motown
  • Puns
  • Kids - especially babies
  • Being a twin
  • Candy in the heart shaped boxes
  • Her favorite shirt that says "Invented by men, perfected by women"
  • The Parent Trap (the one with Hayley Mills)
  • Getting up early
  • The beach
  • Soy sauce and olive oil on the side of her pasta
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Cats


  • January
  • February

Childhood Experiences

Abby is 8 minutes younger then Anna in Abby and the Best Kid Ever.

She moves to Stoneybrook from Long Island. Abby's father was killed in a car accident (he was hit by a dump truck and died instantly) when Abby was nine. She remembers finding out about the accident in school. After her father died it felt wrong to laugh and to be alive, until one day she found herself laughing and realized it was okay. In Long Island the middle school principal had a British accent, a huge pot belly and a tendency to twist his hair into knots whenever he spoke.

She was the star forward, leading scorer, and co-captain of the soccer team. They had a housekeeper in Long Island. The Stevenson family used to go up to Lake Placid every winter to ski.

Abby and Anna's mother did not allow them to play with their food as children.

She was in the Girl Scouts until her dad died.

In Abby's Un-Valentine, she once bought a heart shaped box with Anna to give to their parents for Valentine's Day. Abby ate the entire box after staring at it for so long. She got a stomach ache and couldn't eat dinner that night. She mentioned in fifth grade Perk Watkins followed her around with candy hearts causing the kids to laugh at her. She came down with a cold and when she came back to school, he liked another girl in her place.


In Abby and the Best Kid Ever she mentioned that she pitched a fit about not wanting to move from her home in Long Island, which her mother wanted to do in order to take a promotion. She ended up liking Stoneybrook more than she thought.

When the BSC took a cross country trip (Super Special #14 BSC in the USA), Abby chose to visit Graceland. Going to the Grand Canyon during the trip made her very sad at first because her family was supposed to take a trip out there, but her father died a few days before the trip, so it never happened.

She does not like Valentine's Day. Ross Brown used to like her, because he thought she was Anna in Abby's Un-Valentine.

Abby wakes up to the Elvis Presley radio.

She met the queen of England and stepped on the prince's toe. Because of that, she was in a magazine in Baby-sitters' European Vacation.

In Aloha, Baby-sitters!, she was in a sunscreen commercial.

In Abby the Bad Sport, she played on a soccer team partnered up with disabled kids. One of her good friends outside of the club is Erin. In Long Island, her best friend was Elvira.

Abby has her Bat Mitzvah in Abby's Lucky Thirteen. In the book she was struggling in math and practicing for the ceremony. She buys a "study guide" off of a guy for her math test. The study guide ends up being the test and she gets suspended for cheating, even though she told Ms. Frost what happened. She is able to solve her problem and have her bat mitzvah by the end of the book.

In Abby's Twin, it's mentioned that she went to Disney World for a week in seventh grade. It's mentioned that Abby does have a curvature in her spine but it's only at 14 degrees. She does not require a brace for scoliosis.

She has her own baseball card collection in Kristy at Bat. She shows off some of her favorite rare cards and teaches the kids that their collections shouldn't be collected based on financial worth. Her most prized card is the Reggie Jackson 1977 card, because her dad gave it to her before he died and she'd never sell it to anyone.

Abby goes to Camp Mohawk for the first time in Everything Changes.


She has a couch in her bedroom.


Abby has many allergies and often jokes that, "Life makes me sneeze." She counts on outgrowing many of them when she's older. Her allergies are always worse in times of stress and hay fever season. In Welcome to the BSC, Abby she used to wear a mask when she played sports in the spring when the pollen count or the pollution index was high. Her allergies and medical conditions includes:

  • Asthma: she has gotten used to it, often looks worse then it is. She has two inhalers, a regular one and an emergency one. Abby's had a couple of attacks before but nothing that couldn't be fixed in the emergency room.
  • Allergies include:
    • Dogs
    • Dust
    • Kitty litter (but not cats)
    • Feathered pillows
    • Tomatoes
    • Shellfish
    • Cheese
    • Milk
    • Pollen

Baby-Sitting and Club Experiences

She joins the BSC and is officially welcomed. Abby takes over as Kristy while Kristy is in Hawaii. In her own way she is as dynamic and persuasive as Kristy.

School-Related Experiences

She goes to Stoneybrook Middle School and is in the eighth grade. She is in Kristy's English class in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers. She calls the school bus the "wheeze wagon." She plays on the soccer team with her lucky pair of cleats. Abby is suspended for three days after inadvertently obtaining a copy of the math test before the exam. Abby doesn't try hard but is always the best in gym class.

Mrs. Gonzalez is her science teacher. Ms. Colley is her English teacher. She has Ms. Frost for math. Ms. Bernhardt is her social studies teacher and in Stacey's class.

Social Activity


Abby quickly becomes friends with the members of the Baby-sitters Club when she was introduced to them in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers. Abby said that she isn't that close to the BSC to tell them about her getting suspended in Abby's Lucky Thirteen, however.

In Kristy and the Dirty Diapers, she quickly becomes friendly with Austin Bentley and Trevor Sandbourne. They gave her the nickname "Yabby Dabba Do."

She formally meets Dawn Schafer in at Thanksgiving in Claudia and the First Thanksgiving and become friendly with each other.


In Abby's Un-Valentine Ross Brown develops a crush on her. Abby not reciprocate his feelings and ends up setting him up with Anna.

She mentions in Abby in Wonderland, that she couldn't imagine herself being married to anyone at at all. It wasn't that she would mind being married some day in the far far far future. Abby couldn't picture it at that moment.


She dresses as Lucy Ricardo for the SMS Mischief Night Masquerade in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. She doesn't go the Valentine's Day Dance in Abby's Un-Valentine.


  • Before Abby and Anna were introduced in book #89, the 'Name the Twins' contest was held to determine their names.
    • Before the twins' official names were chosen, they were called "Lucy" and "Ethel" in drafts of upcoming books
  • According to Ann M. Martin's Dear Reader Letter for book #90 Welcome to the BSC, Abby!, Abby was created to be Jewish and a twin because many readers had asked for a character with those traits.
  • She owns her own skis.
  • Her Hebrew name is Avigail.
  • In Abby and the Best Kid Ever, she said she thought Logan Bruno was cute.
  • Abby prefers Dawn's snacks over Claudia's in Mary Anne and the Playground Fight.
  • Her doctor is Dr. Hernandez
  • She has trouble telling the Pike triplets apart in Abby's Twin.
  • In Mary Anne's Revenge she won best athlete in the yearbook.
  • She learned to play defense in Abby the Bad Sport even though she didn't like it.
  • In Abby in Wonderland, she mentions that she drifted apart from her friends on Long Island after becoming involved in Stoneybrook.
  • To date, she is the only main BSC member to not have appeared in television or film.
  • In Graduation Day she mentions that she wants to travel the world some day.
  • She sleeps with an air humidifier in Welcome to the BSC, Abby.


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