Adam Pike is Mallory's nine-year old (later ten) brother. He is one-third of the Pike triplets along with Jordan and Byron. Adam is the middle triplet; he is 40 seconds younger than Jordan and two minutes older than Byron. He is the most "boyish" and he is once called the "Terror of Slate Street."


They attend various extracurricular activities such as Little League, soccer, and hockey. They know how to speak Pig Latin and even taught Mallory in case they ever needed to say anything in private. The boys share a bedroom and sleep in bunk beds that have two tops.

The triplets always wear different clothes and they have to get their haircut. They are friends with Dawn Schafer's little brother, Jeff, who calls them JAB.

They all had viral pneumonia at the same time. They started an odd-job service called ABJ Incorporated when their father lost their job.

Adam, Jordan, and Byron are the most active kids in the Pike family, but Nicky is not so active because he is the youngest. They call themselves the 3 Musketeers.

They used to be a part of the BSC's Baby-sitters-in-training along with Jeff, but they quit because they decide it takes too much time and they have better things to do. Adam has been complaining that they don't have enough Nintendo games. 


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