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Adelaide "Addie" Sidney is a new student at Stoneybrook Academy in Ms. Colman's second grade class.


In Karen's New Friend Karen notes that Addie has dark hair. She wears a red ribbon in her hair, sneakers, jeans, and a baggy shirt on her first day. Addie has her ears pierced.


She has lived in Stoneybrook since she was born, but attended Stoneybrook Elementary School before switching to Stoneybrook Academy. Addie has cerebral palsy which makes her use a wheelchair. She was first introduced in Karen's New Friend where Karen tried to become her best friend. Karen became overbearing and they had a fight. Later the two girls made up. Miss Penn stays with her during her first day at Stoneybrook Academy.

In Karen's School Mystery Addie gets a position in the red brigade. She and Karen are popular among the kindergartners until someone got into an accident. Addie had become a little harsher and teamed up with Karen to discover who was stealing from various students including Bobby Gianelli and Nancy Dawes. She was rewarded for discovering the thieves and punished for lying about where she was.

In Karen's Nanny, she and Karen Brewer are assigned to work together as planet partners in their science unit. They are assigned to learn more about Jupiter. When Karen hadn't really worked on the project, she felt like she was doing all of it. After Karen apologizes the two girls put their notes together and present their project.




  • Doing all the work in projects (LS#105)
  • Being helped too much because of her cerebral palsy

Trivia []

  • She has one brother that is nine that calls Addie a pain and one sister that is four that said that Addie is a big pain in Karen's New Friend.
  • In Karen's Big Job, her mom is a veterinarian and comes in to talk about her job for career week.
  • She played the saxophone in the class band in Karen's Tuba.
  • In Karen's Pizza Party, she got permission to bring home Hootie, the class guinea pig.
  • Her cousin is mentioned in Karen's Wedding and Addie mentioned the multiples of each gift she got for her wedding.
  • Karen mentions that she's a good artist in Karen's Show and Share.
  • Ricky says that she's good at spelling in Karen's New Friend.