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Alan Gray is an eighth-grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School. He is known as a pest and class clown but has a sensitive side that he doesn't often show. He lives on Rockville Court.

Appearance and Personality[]


Alan has brown hair and brown eyes. Claudia said that he wasn't a bad looking guy in Claudia Gets Her Guy.


In Mary Anne's Revenge he tied for the wittiest student with Cary Retlin in the yearbook.


Alan attended kindergarten at Stoneybrook Elementary School with Kristy, Claudia, and Mary Anne. He was also with them in Mrs. Frederickson's first grade class.

In fifth grade Kristy poured a Yoo-Hoo down his shirt. He also made a production of unwrapping Kristy's lunch after she bragged about how great it was. Turns out it was a fake lunch with gross things in it. Ever since Alan liked to bother Kristy and developed a crush on her.

In Claudia Gets Her Guy Kristy mentions a few of his stunts throughout the years including:

  • He once picked up Shawna Riverson's zit cream and tried to auction it off back in sixth grade.
  • He wore his underwear on his head for the talent show in fourth grade.
  • Licked the gym floor on a bet.

Kristy calls him the most disgusting boy in class. He sits next to Trevor Sandbourne in a row behind Kristy in math class as mentioned in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls. Alan, along with Trevor Sandbourne, stole the Baby-sitters Club record book and made several calls to houses where Kristy was baby-sitting in an attempt to ask her to a dance.

In Logan Likes Mary Anne!, Kristy loudly complains when Alan puts M&M's on his eyes and calls himself Little Orphan Annie.

In Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies he is Kristy's pretend-husband in Modern Living class. He named his child-egg son Izzy.

He runs for class president and dresses in balloons and lets people pop them with buttons as campaign plot. Alan loses to Pete Black.

Alan sends a letter about cafeteria cockroaches to SMS Express in Claudia and the Perfect Boy. Claudia responds to his personal ad. He has lived next to Richard Brompton all his life.

In Mary Anne Breaks the Rules Alan helps Vanessa Pike with her haunted house; he's an expert when it comes to "gross and disgusting."

In Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO! he burps on pitch of Oswald McBelch to Row, Row, Row Your Boat at Claudia's WSTO auditions.

In #55 Jessi's Gold Medal, Kristy and Alan had a footrace, agreeing that the loser would be the winner's slave for a week. Kristy won.

In Stacey's Secret Friend he gets paper mache accidentally dumped on him by Tess Swinhart and he tries to exact revenge. He had put together a rude comic making fun of her and called her names along side the other students. Clarence King had asked her out on a date to a place called Hog Heaven at the Washington Mall. King, Alan, and Jim Poirier planned on taking pictures of her next to the Pig decorations and printing it in the school paper. Before that could happen the members of the Baby-sitters Club turned the pranks back on the boys.

Alan accidentally gets Claudia's note meant for Jeremy Rudolph in Claudia Gets Her Guy. He mistakenly thinks that it's for him and accepts her invitation to the dance. Claudia emphasized that it was just as friends. He gave her flowers and a Burger King lunch at school one day, then continued to send her little gifts throughout the week.

In Claudia and the Disaster Date, Mary Anne mentions that he once got a fireball stuck in his nose in second grade. His dad had to come pick him up and take him to the doctor.

In Stacey's Movie he's in Stacey McGill's Short Takes class. He is in the same group as Kristy. They don't really get along until after Stacey interviews Alan for her project. She tells Kristy to cool it and listen to what he has to say. Kristy listens to him and they get a good grade on their project. Others in his group include Anna Stevenson and Logan Bruno. When Stacey's group interviews him he says that he likes to joke but nobody ever takes him seriously. He doesn't like that everyone sees him as an immature goofball.

He and Logan Bruno form a competition between them vying to win the extra credit and free day trip in Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery. They were making snide comments to each other between classes. He wanted to study the seals. He was also using information from a book when they weren't supposed to for the project, saying the emu did nothing. He helped with the investigation catching Mr. Chester. Because he had cheated, they ended up studying Tigger Spier all weekend.

In Stacey and the Stolen Hearts he was responsible for stealing the Valentine's gram bag. Alan had overheard some girls sending him prank grams and wanted to get back at them. He had Cary Retlin help get back at the people sending the messages. He later returns the bag and the Valentine grams were delivered.

He participated in cleaning up The Greenbrook Club in Abby and the Secret Society.





Book Appearances[]

Media Portrayals[]

TV series (1990)[]

He is played by actor Herbert Russell. He is only in two episodes: The Baby-sitters and the Boy Sitters and The Baby-sitters Remember (episode).


Alan is played by Aaron Michael Metchik in the movie. In this version he has a crush on Dawn Schafer.