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Alex is a boy who works as a mother's helper in Sea City and the cousin of Toby. He is first seen in Boy-Crazy Stacey and last mentioned in Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap.


He has fair skin and light brown hair. Alex is tall with a great smile.


Alex catches the eye of Mary Anne Spier and keeps her company while Stacey is distracted. Mary Anne and Alex exchanged initialed rings with each other, but it didn't really mean anything serious in Boy-Crazy Stacey. His full name is never said, but according to Boy-Crazy Stacey (graphic novel), his initials are AGW.

Alex won a big purple hippopotamus for Mary Anne at a ring-toss game in Mary Anne and Too Many Boys. Even though he has a girlfriend, Alex is on a friendly basis with Mary Anne and hugs her before she leaves. They go on two dates in the book. Also tells her that he plays softball.

In Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap, Stacey mentions that he's originally from Pennsylvania.

Media Portrayals[]

Netflix series]][]

He will be portrayed for the first time on screen by David Raynolds. He is only in the episode ”Boy-Crazy Stacey (episode).” He becomes Mary Anne's confidante while Stacey pursues Scott, telling her of his crush on a boy at theater camp (he is either gay or bi), and advising her to talk to her crush, Logan, because it's the only way to find out if Logan likes her, too.