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Alexandra Carmody appears in Baby-sitters on Board!. She is a ‘friend‘ of Mary Anne’s, and they first met at the Seven Seas Beauty Parlour.


She is described as having masses of dark, wavy hair that cascade over her shoulders and partway down her back, while wearing the skimpiest bikini Mary Anne has ever seen.


She starts lying about her family when she says, "Traveling alone is such bore. I have to do everything for myself - make hair appointments, talk to the purser etc. It’s too bad my parents got ki-" She is then unable to finish the sentence, which made Mary Anne extremely curious about if she was about to say her parents got killed.

The next time they meet is at an indoor lounge when Mary Anne was as fascinated as ever because Mallory told her that she was an actress, while Karen hears that her aunt is a countess. Alexandra then complains about her hairstyle which her brother said a hacksaw went through. Which then leaves Mary Anne suspicious because she said she was traveling alone. It also says that was her fourteenth trip in a cruise boat. She also claims to know Spider from The Insects. She obviously lies though when she had said her parents were killed in a car crash six months ago.

The mystery is resolved later when Mallory tells Mary Anne that Alexandra, her brother, father and mother were standing in line for a ride in Disneyland. Alexandra is revealed as a liar, since her parents are celebrities and she isn’t an actress at all.


  • Her parents are a popular singing team for older folks: Viv and Vernon Carmody.
  • It is also revealed that her little brother Timothy Carmody was Claudia’s secret admirer. She lied to get attention since she thought it was more interesting.
  • She was scared of the Peter Pan, specifically Captain Hook, when he grew up.
  • Mary Anne ended up exchanging addresses.