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Alexis DeCamp is a student at Riverbend Hall Boarding School. She was originally Mallory Pike's bad roommate before getting a single dorm. She is only seen in The All-New Mallory Pike.


She is described as very sure of herself with short spiky blond hair. She dresses in dark clothing.


She's lived at Riverbend for a year and a half by the sixth grade. Alexis took up a lot of space with her stuff. She has lots of rules for sharing a room with her including:

  • Have the window cracked
  • Always take off your shoes (which she had not previously discussed with Mallory)
  • Quiet time is from 4 to 6 for studying.

Alexis would frequently walk alone or enjoy quiet time. She became problematic when she wouldn't be clear about the rules and read Mallory's journal. Alexis accused her of using her toothpaste, badmouthed Mallory's new friends, stealing space, "borrowing" her stuff without asking, and tore apart her care package from the BSC. She has been through two roommates, Jen Bodner and Amy Burdick.

When Mallory took her problems to the dean and her prefect, Alexis threw a fit and trashed the room. She was finally moved to a single room after switching with Jen Bodner.