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Alicia Gianelli is a four year old BSC charge who is the younger sister of Bobby Gianelli and a member of the Gianelli Family. She frequently appears in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series.


Dark-haired, dark eyed, with olive skin, in Mary Anne + 2 many Babies.


Attends Camp BSC and becomes upset when her mother leaves. Alicia insists on staying at camp while others go on a field trip just in her case her mother comes back for her. Eventually, she realizes out she's missing on some real fun and joins in Mary Anne and Camp BSC. This was her first time being parted from her mom.

In Karen's New Puppy she and her friends help build a tree house in Karen's backyard. Alicia had slipped down the treehouse steps and got a skinned her hand and banged her knee. She had gotten into a tree house war with the older kids when Karen said nobody until six could be in the tree house. Alicia had hid the paint brushes.

She and her brother helped Karen, Andrew, and Nancy paint a mural with the Bartons in Karen's Toys. They won first place in the category under ten age group for the funniest panel. They had painted The Gorgones and the Tryops.

In Karen's Movie, she plays a part in the movie Karen makes for her grandad. She played girl number three. She's the one that makes the prince, played by Andrew Brewer, laugh.



  • Has a crush on Andrew Brewer and Karen once called her Andrew's girlfriend.
  • Camels


  • Eggs

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