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Allison Hunter is a movie star who only appears in the book Karen's Movie Star.


Allison is eight years old and originally from Arizona. She has a cat, younger sister, and lives with both her parents at home. She travels with her mom. She loves her hometown and misses being there with her family. Allison was discovered when she was shopping at a mall when she was four years old. A talent agent spotted her and she was doing television commercials soon after. A director called her to be in a movie.

She starred in a movie, I'll Be Home for Christmas which was partly filmed on McLelland Road. Allison did not pick Karen to be in a special scene, but instead chose a boy Karen didn't know. Karen was upset but forgave her when she helped look for Boo-Boo.

Omar Harris heard that she was stuck-up and unfriendly. When Karen Brewer meets her she's noted not to talk too much. She thinks being famous is not that much fun.


  • Allison's manager is Sally Michaels.
  • She has long straight brown hair and brown eyes.
  • She has tutors and does not go to regular school.
  • She has traveled around the world and mentioned having Thanksgiving in London a year prior.
  • She has been to Disney World twelve times.