Alma Spier is Mary Anne Spier's deceased mother. She was married to Richard Spier.

She died shortly after Mary Anne was born. Mary Anne doesn't remember her at all.

Alma and Richard didn't have any other kids.

Alma's parents live on a farm in Iowa, where she was presumably raised. After Alma's death, Mary Anne, then a toddler, lived on the farm for about a year while her father dealt with his grief.

Not much is known about Alma. Mary Anne was five months old when Alma died. Sometimes Mary Anne is mad at Alma for dying. Alma grew up in Iowa. Alma used to rock Mary Anne all the time. Alma looked just like Mary Anne. She was very skinny with medium length hair. She died shortly after her diagnosis. She was very good at sewing and handiworks like Mary Anne, and is very bad at cooking. She liked the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. She was less than twenty five when she died. Mary Anne slept in her bedroom while staying in Iowa. Her mother was Verna Baker. Alma was very shy. Mary Anne saved one picture of her after the fire. In Mary Anne Saves the Day graphic novel it mentions that she grew up in Maynard.



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