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Amalia Vargas is a main character in the California Diaries series. She is best friends with Ducky McCrae, Dawn Schafer, Sunny Winslow, and Maggie Blume. She has a sister named Isabel and dates Brendan. She was originally from San Diego. She speaks Spanish and English.

Appearance and Personality[]

She is kind, thoughtful, funny, slightly insecure, friendly, and loving. She isn’t the smartest person in eighth grade. She has olive skin and messy black hair. She is Latina heritage. She often helps people and has a habit of worrying about other people more than Herself. She can be sarcastic and dramatic at times.


In Amalia Diary One, she started dating James Kodaly. James sometimes embarrassed her and got into fights with other guys, and got jealous. He told her he loved her, but then things got bad and he almost hit her. After they broke up, Vanish stood up for her. But the threatened her and left her notes and a creepy doll, and a dead rose to her, and damaged her mentally. He eventually stopped, and Amalia started to date a shy, kind, boy named Brendan.

When Maggie got anorexia, Amalia did everything to help her. She encouraged her to talk to her friends bout her problem and encouraged her to eat. She got her help by taking her to a therapist named Dr. Fuentes and helped boost her confidence.

Amalia got into a good relationship with Brendan, and they became very deep. She sometimes worried that they were moving to fast and that he would be like James, but deep down she knew that they were perfect for reach other. They hate being apart.

Late in the series, people were mean to her because of her race, beat her, and spit on her. Her family and friends helped her get through that.


She is the manager of Vanish. She is friends with the other kids in the band. She met CeCe, Marina, and James through that band.


  • She is a good party planner, and planned Dawn's going away party and her parents' anniversary bash.
  • She sometimes volunteers at the women’s shelter with Isabel.
  • She loves cheese on her pizza.
  • She draws cartoons in her diary.
  • In Amalia, Diary Two she mentions that she doesn't like red roses.