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Amanda Delaney
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Amanda Delaney






Stoneybrook Day School




Amanda Delaney is an eight-year-old third grader who formerly went to Stoneybrook Day School. Her younger brother is six-year-old Max Delaney and a member of the Delaney Family. She lived across the street and one house over from Watson Brewer on McLelland Road until she moved away with her family to Lawrenceville, CT after her father got a new job.


On the cover of most books she has long blonde hair.


Amanda and Karen Brewer were good friends. Her bedroom closet is bigger than Karen's little house bedroom and she has many toys. Amanda can sometimes come off as snobby when talking about her house. Her bedroom has thick pink carpet and a big bed with a white lace canopy. She has a Peter Rabbit lamp with a pink shade that matches the carpet in Karen's Good-bye.

Amanda and Karen once made the washer at the Delaney house spew suds all over. They also once tried to rearrange all of the library books in alphabetical order, both incidents were mentioned in Karen's Good-bye.

Amanda's next door neighbor, Shannon Kilbourne, often baby-sat for the Delaney Family. Stacey was the only babysitter who could deal with her in Kristy and the Snobs.

She entered her cat in the BSC pet show. She and her brother often invited friends over to their pool, and it made many fake friends in Poor Mallory!. No swimming is allowed in her pool when the babysitter is there. She wears a green bikini sometimes.

Amanda and her family moved away in Karen's Good-bye.

In Karen's Bully, Amanda stays with Karen when she invites her over. Amanda does not get along with Melody Korman because of everything the Korman Family changed to her old house. She also really misses Stoneybrook and her old friends making her lash out. Amanda, Karen, Hannie, Nancy, and Melody get into a fight but make up at the end of the book.



  • She and Karen like to play Lovely Ladies and go diving in her pool (LS#19)
  • She also has a piece of her "Mommy Blanket" and a Peter Rabbit lamp that she treasures (LS#19)
  • Soda



Book Appearances[]


Media Portrayals[]

TV Series (1990)[]

Amanda is played by actress Kimberly J. Brown. She is only in the episode The Baby-sitters Remember (TV episode). Here she is portrayed as a brunette, but just as snobby as her book counterpart.