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Amelia Louise Freeman is a former student at Stoneybrook Middle School. Amelia was killed on impact in a drunk driving accident.


SMS students and faculty attends Amelia's funeral. A garden at SMS is planted in her memory. Her brother Josh Freeman only had a broken arm and some bruises. She was seen as the kindest and smart student at SMS, but she wasn't stuck up about it, in fact, she always seemed to be a bit humble when she answered questions correctly. She was in Mary Anne Spier's English class. She was in her Shakespeare project group. She had been best friends with Barbara Hirsch since second grade, who was shocked and sad at her death.

Last year she and Barbara dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy for Halloween. The picture is in the yearbook. They did a floppy dance together.

She and Dawn Schafer organized an Earth Day event at SMS in Dawn Saves the Planet but didn't co-chair it with Dawn. The opening of the recycling center was also in the yearbook from the previous year.

Once she tripped in the cafeteria and smeared an entire tray of spaghetti down the front of her white blouse.

Amelia did the flexed arm hand the longest in gym class and fudged on the sit-ups.


  • She was in Dawn Schafer's last period class and her science class.
  • She plays the piano and her favorite movie was The Secret Garden.
  • She had a stuffed rabbit named Nibs that had slept with her since she was a baby.
  • Her handwriting is square.
  • Her parents own a Volkswagen.
  • Her birthday is in September.
  • She won a spelling bee when she was in the fifth grade.
  • She's interested in ecology.
  • Amelia was seen briefly in Dawn Saves the Planet, as she sat in front of Dawn and sometimes she would talk with her.
  • She loves to garden and created a flower garden at home with her mother.