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Que le pasa a Ingrid

Cover of "Qué le pasa a Ingrid?"

Amigas & Cía (Friends & Company) is the series name used to publish Raina Telgemeier's original black-and-white graphic novels in Spain, by publisher Molino in 2007.

Books in the Series[]

  1. ¡Buena idea, Emma! (Great Idea, Emma!)
  2. ¿Qué le pasa a Ingrid? (What's Wrong with Ingird?
  3. ¡Lucy ya es mayor! (Lucy is Older, now!)

Character names and changes[]

  • Kristy Thomas: Emma Thomas
  • Mary Anne Spier: Lucy Spiers
  • Stacey McGill: Ingrid McGill
  • Louie Thomas: Lula Thomas
  • Buffy & Pinky McKeever: Pill and Mill McKeever
  • Morddia Destiny: Paca Macabra
  • Boo-Boo Brewer: Bubu Brewer