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Andrea Prezzioso is a few months old and a sitting charge of the Baby-sitters Club. She is Jenny Prezzioso's little sister and her parents are Madeleine and Nick Prezzioso. Andrea is a member of the Prezzioso Family. She is more active and alert now that she is not a newborn anymore.


Andrea looks like a miniature version of Jenny but doesn't have enough hair for bows.


Andrea was born the day after Valentine's Day in Mary Anne vs. Logan, not too long after her mother’s birthday. She was seven and a half pounds and twenty one inches long at birth.

In Kristy and the Baby Parade she gets entered in the baby parade as "Queen Andrea." Her stroller was decorated very fancily and wins a prize.

She is said to be a beautiful baby and starts going to modeling set up by her mother. In Mary Anne and Miss Priss she starts to go to auditions. Andrea is called a "darling of the industry" and gets one out of three commercials she auditions for. Recently she landed the audition for Karbergers ads.


  • Favorite pajamas are blue with pink dinosaurs on them.


  • Tight diaper pins


  • She was seven and a half pounds at birth.
  • Her room is yellow and white; it's mentioned her crib used to be Jenny's in Mary Anne vs. Logan.
  • She doesn't cry much according to her mother. In Mary Anne and Miss Priss, she's a heavy sleeper.
  • In Mary Anne vs. Logan, both Mary Anne and Dawn knew that she was going to be the girl. The other girls in the BSC didn't want to know her gender.