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The Arboretum is located on the outskirts of Stoneybrook, Connecticut. It is only seen in Kristy and the Missing Fortune. The arboretum used to be the Thomas family estate in the nineteenth century.


Vanessa's class goes there on a field trip and tells Mallory about it.

The arboretum isn't sure who owns the land around the house. The original lease for it is missing and the town records were destroyed in a fire years and years ago. The land has caught the eye of a developer who wants to build subdivisions here.  He brought the question of the lease to the state’s attention, and now the state is planning to auction the land off. If the land is sold, the arboretum will have to close.  They had a hard time affording to keep it open as it is, and without the fees they charge for summer garden tours they wouldn't have anything. If the developer buys the land, they will have the right to kick the arboretum out and knock down the house.

A woman named Mrs. VanderBellen decides not to buy the land when she had an unpleasent time. She later decides to make a generous endowment to the arboretum, one which would guarantee that it could stay open forever once the legal papers are sorted.

When the Arboretum was about to be shut down, the Baby-Sitters Club help them out. Jessi and Dawn discover a plaque that says the arboretum is Squirelot. It was donated by Edward Thomas's children, Ellen and Scott and Mary Thomas, in memory of their grandparents & aunt.


It is described as having a tree-lined, semi-circlular driveway that leads to a gigantic, three-story brick house with huge windows trimmed in white. A big wrought iron gate leads to the house & the grounds.

The front entrance is formal looking with broad steps leading to a small porch with an arched roof & wide white columns on either side. It is approached through an empty living room and the upstairs is closed off. An old-fashioned greenhouse is built onto the left wing.

It is described as being full of plants on the shelves, on the floor and climbing up trellises. A long brick wall was covered with vines.


  • The curator of the Arboretum is Mrs. Goldsmith (who leaves at 6:00 p.m.).
  • The summer help is college students and they start in June.
  • The arboretum is an officially recongized historical site in Stoneybrook.
  • The rose garden has been in its original condition for over a hundred years.