The Arnold Family include BSC charges Marilyn Arnold and Carolyn Arnold and their parents who made their first appearance in Mallory and the Trouble with Twins.  

General [edit | edit source]

The family might have been alluded to in Claudia and Mean Janine and Claudia and the New Girl. In Claudia and Mean Janine, Claudia dials the phone too quickly and a voice says Arnold residence on page 45. In Claudia and the New Girl, on page 93 a man had called asking for a sitter for his twin daughters and they were new clients. Kristy Thomas mentions that they've been sitting for Marilyn and Carolyn before appearing in Mallory and the Trouble with Twins.

Marilyn and Carolyn are eight year old identical twins who used to dress alike. They take tennis and gymnastics lessons and turn their basement into a mini gymnastics centre. Mrs. Arnold throws herself into the holiday season and makes tons of cookies. They don't subscribe to cable-movie channels.

They live near Stacey McGill in Stacey's Big Crush.

They live around the corner from Dawn Schafer in Dawn's Big Move.

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House[edit | edit source]

The twins bedroom was split into identical halves until Mary Anne suggests that they have separate rooms.

The Arnolds' house is always well decorated for Christmas and other holidays. Their Christmas tree looks like something out of a picture book in Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House. There is a piano in the living room.

The basement is unfinished with wooden steps going down It has cinderblock wall and a concrete floor with exposed pipes hanging from a low ceiling in Mary Anne's Makeover. There's a door to the basement from the outside. One time Marilyn got locked in the basement and Logan had to help her out in Jessi's Baby-sitter.

There's a tv in the parents bedroom in Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby. Marilyn and Carolyn use to watch scary movies so the baby-sitter didn't see them watching.

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