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Ashley Wyeth
Full name

Ashley Wyeth


Chicago, IL




Mr. Wyeth, Mrs. Wyeth


Janine Kishi (Netflix Series)


Stoneybrook Middle School



Presumably 10th (Netflix Series)


Keyes Art Society (former student)

First Appearance

#12, Claudia and the New Girl

Final Appearance

#85, Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO!

Portrayed by

Kelcey Mawema (Netflix Series)

Ashley Wyeth is an eighth-grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School.

Physical Appearance[]

In Claudia and the New Girl, Ashley looks like a hippie. On her first day at SMS, she wears a lacy blouse embroidered with flowers, a long pink flowered skirt, hiking boots, silver bangle bracelets, three pierced earrings (none of them matching) in each ear, and has pulled her long dirty blonde hair into a fat braid.

Claudia notices she's wearing "normal clothes" in Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO!


Ashley used to live in Chicago. She started taking art classes when she was four or five. At age eight she was selected to study at the respected Keyes Art Society. Her dedication was so total that she only had one friend in Chicago, a fellow Keyes student.

Ashley and her parents move to Stoneybrook in Claudia and the New Girl. They live on Reilly Lane, next door to the Rodowskys. Soon after the move, her parents start fixing up an art studio for her on the top floor of their house.

Despite not being a sociable person, Ashley quickly becomes friends with her classmate Claudia. She tells Claudia that she wants to become a sculptress. At first, her praise of Claudia's artwork makes the latter feel encouraged. However, Ashley's insistence that Claudia should focus on art and stop baby-sitting becomes one of the reasons they stop being close. Another reason is that Claudia believes that their friendship is not real, since Ashley only seems to care about Claudia for her art and her potential rather than for Claudia herself.

In Claudia and the Bad Joke, Claudia says they have a funny relationship–they're always fighting and always making up. Claudia doesn't think that Ashley has a sense of humor. It is mentioned by Claudia that Ashley gives her lectures over the phone that she should give up babysitting to focus on art. Ashley asks Claudia what the English homework was and visits Claudia in the hospital after her accident.

That relationship improves after they work together in Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO! Ashley has changed since her last appearance–she now has other friends, and even says that art isn't the only thing that matters.


In the Graphic Novels[]

Claudia and the New Girl (Graphic Novel) is Ashley's debut, like it was in the original book. The graphic novel series, however, skips a few books so Ashley is introduced in book 9 rather than book 12 in the original series. In contrast to book series representation, in the graphic novels Ashley has darker skin, dark blue eyes, and blue hair. Similar to the original novel, she has many ear piercings and artsy and creative clothing.

Media Portrayals[]

Netflix Series[]

Kelcey Mawema plays Ashley Wyeth[1]. This is the first time that she is seen in any live action media. She has been aged up to a high school student and is in AP classes with Janine Kishi, she was also later revealed to be a lesbian and is in a relationship with Janine. In this version, she is a popular girl at Stoneybrook High School and a teen influencer with a celebrity-like status.

Book Appearances[]