Several Audio Books on Tape of the BSC books were released in 1994-1995 by Time Warner Audio Books. At least six tapes were released, of nine originally planned. The first book on tape, The Baby-sitters Remember, included a special charm bracelet with a heart charm, and subsequent releases included a BSC collectible charm for the bracelet, with one charm for each baby-sitter.

The books released in audiobook form included:

Charms[edit | edit source]

  • All: heart charm
  • Stacey: shopping bag
  • Claudia: painting palette
  • Dawn: sunflower
  • Kristy: Kristy's name with baseball bat and ball
  • Mary Anne: cat and paw print

Front Covers[edit | edit source]

Back Covers[edit | edit source]

Inside (open flap)[edit | edit source]

Cassette J-card (front)[edit | edit source]

Cassette J-card (back) with credits[edit | edit source]

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