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Audrey Green is a student in Ms. Colman's class at Stoneybrook Academy. She is usually mature, but she can get carried away with some things and can be clumsy.


In Karen's Twin, Karen notes that Audrey doesn't have bangs like her and brown hair. She doesn't wear glasses either.


Throughout the book Holiday Time she was looking for a recipe to make for the Hanukkah group. She spent most of the time messing up the recipes and wasting food even though she can use the microwave by herself, claiming that she was not a good cook.

In Summer School she spent time at Stoneybrook Day camp, usually doing activities such as arts and crafts, and reading different books. She became friends with Debbie Dvorak, although their friendship had some issues when Debbie became too clingy.

In Karen's in Love she married Karen Brewer and Ricky Torres on the playground during recess.

In Science Fair, she let Karen, Bobby, and Sara's science fair mouse out of the cage and lost her. She gave away herself when she was telling the others who was the hall monitor that day, when Bobby didn't know who that was. Audrey later has a talk with Ms. Colman about what happened.


Audrey has an older brother named Allen, and he currently is in college - presumably Princeton University since that is on the sweatshirt he wears in Karen's Twin. In Holiday Time, he is mistakenly called Abram. In Karen's Grandad she had a grandmother named Betsy who had already passed away. She has a male cousin that has been parasailing before in Karen's Kite.

In Karen's Big Job, it's said that her father is a chef who owns a French restaurant. He came to career week at Stoneybrook Academy.



  • Has a family cat named Sasha that is very old and very big and would sleep in her bed with her.
  • She won a guinea pig in a drawing in Karen's Grandad.



  • Lying




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