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Austin Bentley is an eighth grade student at Stoneybrook Middle School. He was a new student introduced in Kristy's Big Day.


He partnered with Stacey during the egg co-parenting exercise in Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies and the father of "Bobby" the egg. He also had a short takes class with her. Stacey likes him but he can be a wise guy.

Austin had gone to dances and parties with Claudia Kishi and Stacey McGill, all three of them are friends.

He's friends with Logan Bruno, both are on the football team. They were on a team for Battle of the Bakers in Claudia and the Recipe for Danger with Kerry Bruno. They helped solve the mystery of who was behind sabotaging the recipes. His team was second runner up.

He goes to the Halloween Hop with Claudia in Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery. It's mentioned that Claudia had a bigger crush on him then Trevor Sandbourne had on her.

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