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B.F. Willie Circus Camp is a camp located in Stoneybrook, CT and held during the month of July each year. It is only seen in Karen's Big Top and mentioned in Mary Anne and Camp BSC.


The camp is run by the Willie family in Karen's Big Top. The Willie family are a traveling circus that goes around the country performing. During the whole month of July, Mr. Willie likes to come to Stoneybrook because he grew up in town. The camp allows him to take a break from traveling and performing to teach kids about being in the circus. Campers put on a show at the end of the month with the skills they learned.

In Mary Anne and Camp BSC, some of the campers went to the BSC's circus camp. They compared this camp to the BSC's throughout the book.

Willie Family[]

  • Mr. B.F. Willie
  • Mrs. Willie
  • Laura - niece of B.F. Willie
  • Jimmy - older brother of Laura
  • Brenda - daughter-in-law of Mr. Willie
  • Jillian Willie - eight-year-old granddaughter of B.F. Willie
  • Todd - ringmaster


Acts they Teach[]

  • Riding bareback on Lulu the horse
  • Monty the poodle show
  • Elephant (Lilly, Henry, and Sophie) show
  • Plate Spinning
  • Trapeze
  • Juggling
  • Clowns