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Five BSC Wall Calendars were made from 1990 - 1994, featuring original art from illustrator Hodges Soileau not found on book covers, and extras like stickers and a wipe-off memo board. In addition, three student planner/date books were made from 1990-1993.

Calendars Produced[]

Extras in each Calendar[]

  • 1990 - over 75 stickers, wipe-off board, map of Stoneybrook, tips to start your own baby-sitting club
  • 1991 - over 70 stickers, Stoneybrook family portraits, wipe-off board
  • 1992 - over 40 stickers, pictures of Baby-sitters with favorite charges, wipe-off board
  • 1993 - over 100 stickers, baby pictures of the baby-sitters, wipe-off board
  • 1994 - over 100 stickers, pictures of the baby-sitters in their bedrooms, wipe-off board

Student Planner and Date Book[]


  • The family portraits, pictures of baby-sitters with their favorite charges, and baby pictures of the baby-sitters which debuted in their respective calendars, were later reprinted in the End-of-Book Scrapbooks for each baby-sitter found at the end of the reprint books of the main series which began being published in 1995. The illustrations were done by Angelo Tillery, who did most of the interior illustrations for the series.