Baby-sitters Club fan club bookad from 33 orig 1990

1990 ad for the fan club found in books #30-49, Jan 1990-Nov 1991

The BSC Fan Club (also known as The Baby-sitters Fan Club from 1990-1993, the All-New Baby-sitters Fan Club from 1993-1995, the New Baby-sitters Fan Club in 1996, and finally the Baby-sitters Club Fan Club in 1997-1999) was a subscription service, launched in Spring/Summer 1988[1] fans could sign up for during the height of the series' popularity. Membership was $2.50 in 1989-1991 for a two-year membership, $4.95 in February 1992-February 1993 for a two-year membership, $7.95 in June 1993 to November 1994 for a one-year membership, and $10.95 in 1995-1999 for one year. Membership included a card, card holder, banners, and newsletters. In 1995, the "Friendship Pack" also included movie memorabilia, a camera, photo album, posters, and a taped message from Ann M. Martin. Every year or so, the extra items in the introductory pack would change. The Fan Club, in contrast to the Baby-sitters Collectors Club, did not send Baby-sitters Club books.



Baby-sitters Fan Club welcome card circa 1990

Postcard circa 1990 welcoming fans to the Fan Club

A two-year membership, for the cost of $2.50 gets:

  • an official membership card
  • membership card holder
  • colorful banner
  • Baby-sitters Fan Club semi-annual newsletter
  • stickers (same as the ones that came with the 1990 BSC calendar)



Baby-sitters fan club bookad from 51 orig 1stpr 1992

Feb 1992-Feb 1993 ad from books #51-61

A two-year membership, for the cost of $4.95 gets:

  • an official membership card
  • a colorful banner
  • exclusive Baby-sitters Fan Club quarterly newsletter


  • Circa publication of books #50-52, Mystery #3 (Jan - March 1992) - Winner of the 'Vote for your favorite Baby-sitter' Giveaway announced, Winner of the BSC Mystery Giveaway announced, Mystery #3 coming in February
  • Circa publication of books #56-58, Mystery #5, SS#8 (July - October 1992) - BSC Neat Boy Giveaway announced, Logan’s Story coming in June, Write-up about the party for the 'Vote for your favorite Baby-sitter' Giveaway' held on March 14, 1992
  • Circa publication of books #59-61, SS#9, Mystery #6 (Nov 1992 - Feb 1993) - BSC Mini-Mystery Giveaway announced (deadline Dec 31, 1992), Trivia and Puzzle Fun Book advertised, Songs for My Best Friends available on CD or cassette in October
  • Circa publication of books #62-64, Mystery #7,8 (March - May 1993) - Ann M. Martin: The Story of the author of the Baby-sitters Club coming in April, BSC Look-Alikes contest announced, Mystery Board Game coming this spring


All New BSC fan club bookad from 71 orig 1994

June 1993 - Nov 1994 fan club ad found in books #65-80

A one-year membership, for the cost of $7.95 gets:

  • Fan Club T-Shirt
  • Baby-sitters Club poster of all the BSC members
  • Baby-sitters Club notepad and pencil
  • Official membership card
  • Guide to Stoneybrook
  • 6-page newsletter plus four additional newsletters per year
  • Baby-sitters Club folder


  • Winter 1994 - Circa publication of books #73,74,75, Mystery #14 (March - May 1994) - BSC Kenner dolls coming in February, Enter the GET INVOLVED! challenge, BSC Mall tour coming soon, Meet Jessica Prunell
  • Spring 1994 - Circa publication of books #76,77,78, Mystery #15 (June - Sept 1994) - Super Special #11 with BSC necklace coming in June (with special in-store bookstore parties), BSC Mall Tour Feb-March highlights, Three new episodes in the BSC Video Collection (KidVision VHS tapes #1-3), BSC beach towel available only to Fan Club members, Enter the BSC Remembers Sweepstakes
  • Fall 1994 - Circa publication of books #79, Mystery #17+18, Super Special #12 (October - December 1994) - Enter the Name the Twins Contest, BSC Secret Santa available, 1st book in Portrait Collection series Stacey's Book available in November, First BSC Audio Book The Baby-sitters Remember available Aug 1994, 2nd audio book Stacey and the Mystery at the Empty House published in December,


All-New BSC fan club bookad from 89 1995

Sept 1995 - Jan 1996 fan club ad, found in books 89-93

A one-year membership, for the cost of $10.95, gets:

  • Hot pink digital watch
  • BSC Mood Ring
  • BSC Name and Address Book
  • Ann Martin on tape
  • Map of Stoneybrook
  • Photo strip of Ann Martin
  • BSC newsletter sent to you regularly
  • special letterbox


  • Circa publication of books #83,84,85, Mystery #20, Claudia's Book (March - May 1995) - BSC Movie filming has begun, Auditions took place Nov 19 1994 for the main roles, Behind the Scenes at a BSC Movie Audition in Chicago, Introducing the first BSC Super Mystery, BSC Movie coming in August with 3 movie tie-in books
  • Circa publication of books #86,87,89, Mystery #21,22, Dawn's Book (June - Sept 1995), BSC Movie behind the scenes - filming began Feb 6 1995 in various locations in Los Angeles, a news series for Little Sister fans will debut, in January Martin met the winners of the Winter Challenge, the Milwaukee winner of the contest wrote an article in the Milwaukee Journal, Martin did a signing at Coles Bookstore in Toronto while meeting the Canadian winner, Four BSC movie tie-in books, Meet the winners of the Get Involved Winter Challenge, still processing entries from the Name the Twins contest and BSC Remembers Sweepstakes, BSC books are getting a makeover this fall.
  • Circa publication of books #91,92,93, Super Mystery #2 (Nov 1995 - Jan 1996) - BSC Movie coming to a theater near you on August 18, Enter the BSC Movie Ticket Bonanza contest to win lunch with Ann M. Martin by Sept 14 1995, Martin visited Ireland and England starting March 30, Martin appeared on a kid's TV show in Ireland with a puppet named Sokky and a turkey named Dustin, Enter the BSC/LA Gear Sweepstakes, Receive a free copy of #88 Farewell, Dawn with each purchase of girls LA Gear shoes at Nordstrom's, Send in a coupon to receive a free BSC movie poster, Four different movie tie-in books available, Winner of Name the Twins contest announced, new baby-sitter (Abby) will appear in book #89, BSC books have a new look, new Ann M. Martin 50-state tour starting August in Connecticut for four months, The All-New Baby-sitters Club Fan Club announced (includes watch, Mood Ring, audio tape message, photo strip etc).


New BSC fan club bookad from 100 1stpr 1996

Sept 1996 - April 1997 fan club ad, found in books #100-107

A one-year membership, for the cost of $10.95, gets:

  • 110-mm camera
  • Mini photo album
  • Diary
  • Stationery note cards and stickers
  • Eight pencils
  • Full-color BSC poster
  • BSC newsletter subscription (at least 4 newsletters during one-year membership)
  • keepsake shipper


New BSC fan club bookad from M34 1stpr 1998

Sept 1997 - May 1998 fan club ad, found in books #111-119

A one-year membership, for the cost of $10.95, gets:

  • 110 mm camera
  • Mini photo album
  • Keepsake shipper that says "Fan Club Friendship Pack"
  • Poster showing all the BSC members including Abby
  • Fan Club Secret Diary
  • Note cards
  • Stickers
  • Eight pencils
  • At least four newsletters, with the first newsletter sent after the introductory pack during a one-year membership


  • Fan Club Advertised: [1]
  • Jan/Feb 1997 Newsletter contents: [2]


  1. Graduation Day BSC Timeline
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