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BSC in the USA is the fourteenth book in the Baby-Sitters Club Super Special series.

Back Cover Summary

It's BSC road trip time! Two RVs are parked in front of Claudia Kishi's house. Dawn's dad, Mr. Schafer, will drive one. Watson Brewer, Kristy's stepdad, will pilot the other. The passengers? The Baby-sitters Club! The plan? Mr. Schafer and his bunch will take a northern route to California, while Watson's crowd heads south. Every passenger gets to pick a special stop along the way. The destinations? For starters, they include the Grand Canyon, a rodeo, a ghost town, Seattle, and plenty more. In two weeks, the two teams will meet in Palo City— Dawn's hometown!

Baby-sitters, start your engines—it's time to hit the road!

Chapter Narrators


The Thomas-Brewers are going on a two-week vacation trip around the United States of America on their RV. Also, since it's the summer, Dawn and Jeff Schafer are back in Stoneybrook, and Jack, their father brings a friends's RV too. And of course, Kristy and Dawn invites the remanding members of the BSC (only Logan and Shannon can't join). Shortly after the two weeks end. The gang will meet up in Palo City, California, where Dawn now lives. Dawn's family will take the northern route, while the Thomas-Brewers will take the southern route.

Stacey goes to Seattle on a date with her fifteen-year-old boyfriend Ethan Caroll for a date, and they kiss, Kristy goes to a baseball game with Mary Anne, and meets her real father after years of no contact, Mary Anne also visits her grandmother, but instead, she chooses to meet all the BSC at the Mall of America, Dawn goes to any old ghost town, Mallory goes searching for horses, Jessi tries to talk to other people, Claudia goes to Chicago to look at paintings, Elizabeth goes to the Grand Canyon where Abby's father died and makes peace with him. Before that, she goes to Graceland, Watson goes to Oklahoma to visit a friend from college, while there, the Thomas-Brewer RV gets caught up in a tornado, Jeff goes rappelling, and Andrew goes to the San Diego Zoo.

Shortly after they arrive in California, they meet Dawn's California friends, Sunny, Maggie, and Jill and Dawn's step-mother Carol and housekeeper Mrs. Bruen and they have a welcome party. After the party ended, everyone goes home while Dawn stays for the reminder of the Summer.


  • The Thomas-Brewers: Watson Brewer, Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer, Nannie, Kristy Thomas, Charlie Thomas, Sam Thomas, David Michael Thomas, Karen Brewer, Andrew Brewer, Emily Michelle Brewer, Boo-Boo, Shannon
  • The Schafers: Jack Schafer, Dawn Schafer, Jeff Schafer
  • Kristy invites the rest of the BSC: Claudia Kishi, Mary Anne Spier, Stacey McGill, Mallory Pike, Jessi Ramsey, and Abby Stevenson

Other characters

  • Saville & Judy Hoyer and their granddaughter Felicitas (Liz) - people who were in the car who hit Watson's RV
  • Chet and Linda Romney - Chet is a friend of Watson's from university. He has a daughter Isabella who Abby, Mallory, and Jessi want to hold.
  • Mr. Kingman - man who gives Jack a ride to the nearest gas station in South Dakota.
  • Peter Rogers - Jeff's rock climbing instructor
  • Joseph Woodward - principal of the Zuni school
  • Patrick Thomas and an unnamed girlfriend
  • Mr. Choi - Jack's friend who let Jack drive his RV back to California
  • Sunny Winslow, Maggie Blume, Jill Henderson - Dawn's friends who live in California and attend the BSC party
  • Carol Olson and Mrs. Bruen also attend the BSC welcome party


Northern Track

Southern Track

Pop Culture and Real Life References

  • Elvis Presley
  • Hershey Park
  • Goldfish crackers
  • The Vanderbilt Mansion
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Bill Gates

Continuity and Inconsistencies


  • Stacey narrates that she used to date Robert on page 51.
  • Mary Anne narrates that she Jeff's comedian phase from Here Come the Bridesmaids! on page 90.


  • Dawn complains about how bad RVs for the environment yet didn't say anything about cruise in Baby-sitters on Board!.
  • On page 232, Maggie tells Dawn that Stephie Robertson's mom wants Dawn to sit for Stephie, except Stephie's mom has passed and her father had not remarried.
  • Mary Anne narrates that she was a bridesmaid in Mr. Schafer's wedding, when she was not a bridesmaid.
  • It' written that Rachel Redriver was Margo's pen pal during the Pens Across America program in Dawn and the Big Sleepover, however Rachel is Vanessa's pen pal.
  • The artwork on page 22 and 23 show Kristy writing with her right hand when she's a lefty.
  • On page 103, the illustration of the woman talking to Jessi has dark hair when she's narrated to have gray hair.


  • This book takes place between #109 and #110 in the regular series, after Abby became a regular club member. While Dawn moved permanently to California in #88, she and Jeff are back in Stoneybrook for the summer. The trip takes two weeks, which is half the time they planned to spend in Stoneybrook.
  • On the dedication page it says: "Special thanks to Bonnie Bryant, Clifton Lewis, Peter Rogers, and Janet Vultee."
  • This is the first time Richard and Jack meet. This is also the first time we see Jack visiting Stoneybrook.
  • Sam and Charlie are at summer camp, so they do not go. Nannie stays home with Emily Michelle as well.
  • If Stacey were to watch a sport she'd pick basketball.
  • Ethan is touring west coast art galleries with his parents for a week this summer.
  • It's implied that Jack is not a lawyer, he says that his lawyer friends never see their families, and that he gets evenings and weekends off.
  • Abby likes to think that tabloids are right even though they're wrong most of the time.
  • Despite being in South Dakota, no one wanted to check out Mount Rushmore and went Mammoth Site.
  • Claudia doesn't get scared of horror movies.
  • David Michael's pen pal from the Zuni pens across America program is named Sam Wright, whose parents heard sheep. They talk about computer games when they first meet.
  • Dawn says that Jill acts 13 going on 11, foreshadowing how Dawn and her friends stopped being friends with her in the California Diaries series.
  • Patrick is going to a job interview in Kristy's letter.
  • Early printings include a preview booklet for the California Diaries series, featuring a chapter from Dawn (California Diaries), the first book in the series.



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