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BSC online on Prodigy bookad from 64 orig 1993

1993 ad from book 64

Prodigy was an online service fans could join in 1993 to read new info and interact with others regarding the book series. It was advertised in the back of Baby-sitters Club books during the time period of April - August 1993. Demos were held at malls from February - May 1994 during the 1994 BSC World Tour.

Activities one could do on the service include:

  • Talk to Ann M. Martin in a weekly column
  • Read all new stories starring the BSC gang
  • Vote on story endings
  • Make friends all across the country
  • Take polls and play trivia games

Author Ann M. Martin's weekly column on Prodigy was called "Ask Ann", and some of the letters that originally appeared in the column were reproduced in the book The Baby-Sitters Club Guide to Babysitting.

The cost to use Prodigy was $9.95 per month for 5 hours of time online. While Martin did write columns for Prodigy, she "had little to do with the internet aspect of it and didn’t communicate directly with participants."[1]

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