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The Baby-Sitters Little Sister (Graphic Novels) is a spin off series based on the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series. The series follows the adventures of Karen Brewer and her friends. The stories are based off the original books and illustrated by Katy Farina.


The series started after seeing the popularity of the BSC Graphic Novels. The first book Karen's Witch (Graphic Novel) was first published by Scholastic on December 26, 2019. So far three books have been published, with a fourth and fifth set for future release.

Graphic Novels Published

Book Release Date Illustrator
#1 Karen's Witch December 26, 2019 Katy Farina
#2 Karen's Roller Skates July 7, 2020 Katy Farina
#3 Karen's Worst Day December 29, 2020 Katy Farina
#4 Karen's Kittycat Club July 1, 2021 Katy Farina
#5 Karen's School Picture December 28, 2021 Katy Farina