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Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller is the fourth book in the Baby-Sitters Club Super Mystery series.

Back Cover Summary[]

As Christmas approaches, there's a chill in the air — not from the weather, but from the mysterious goings-on in Stoneybrook. Someone is breaking into houses in Kristy and Abby's neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Mallory is struggling to help a woman who has suddenly appeared in town with no identification and no memory. In New York City, Stacey and Claudia are being followed. And someone is leaving very odd, unsettling gifts at Stacey's door.

It looks as if the Baby-sitters are in for a very scary Christmas!

Chapter Narrators[]








  • Kishi House
  • Brewer/Thomas House
  • Hsu House
  • Stoneybrook Police Station
  • New York
  • Papadakis House
  • Unnamed church
  • Stoneybrook General Hospital
  • Unnamed saleswomen

Pop Culture and Real Life References[]

  • Alice Neel and Georgia O'Keeffe (artists)
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Harriet the Spy (movie)
  • Fame, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (movies)
  • Sherlock Holmes

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]


  • On page 26, Claudia recalls when Stacey spent more time with her boyfriend on a vacation more then her, this happened in Stacey's Lie.
  • On page 39, Kristy mentions that Anna declined joining the BSC, which happened in Welcome to the BSC, Abby!.
  • Stacey mentions that Claudia and Ethan met in Washington, which happened in BSC in the USA.
  • On page 133, Abby alludes to the events of Baby-sitters Beware.


  • Becca joins in the pageant even though she has stage fright.
  • On page 169, Dawn narrates that Mrs. Porter doesn't have any pets, but in other books such as Karen's Little Witch she has a cat named Midnight.


  • Jessi writes the epilogue and prologue.
  • All ten members of the BSC are together in the first chapter.
  • Claudia and Stacey leave a BSC meeting early for their trip.
  • Stoneybrook Middle School's winter break started two days earlier because a boiler broke.
  • The Kormans are mentioned in chapter 4 but not seen.
  • This is the first time Mallory and her family is mentioned of going to church, despite doing the pageant every year. This is presumably the Elm Street Church.
    • The Pike triplets played the three kings, Margo and Claire are shepherds, Vanessa is an usher, and Nicky is an angel.
    • Jessi has been going to the same church as the Pikes; Becca plays the innkeepr in the pageant.
    • The Rodowsky's and Hobarts also go to the same church; Jackie is playing an angel and Ben is playing Joseph.
  • Stacey doesn't know much about art and can't keep up with Ethan and Claudia.
  • Dawn doesn't eat fried food either.
  • The Hsu's are considering putting in a burglar system.
  • Kristy's neighborhood starts a neighborhood watch after the Papadakis' house gets robbed.
  • Mallory and Jessi have told the rest of the BSC about horses by writing unnecessary info about them in the club notebook.
  • Residents on McLelland Road started using Gandy's Greenhouse Service instead of Mr. Nixon.
  • Stacey carries lifesavers if her blood sugar gets low.
  • Dawn says that she wouldn't mind being like Mrs. Porter when she was older and wants pets.
  • Sharon got a new Outback with all wheel drive, she drives Mary to the hospital.
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