The Baby-sitters Agency was a club that only existed in The Truth About Stacey. It is a rival baby-sitting service of the Baby-sitters Club.

About Edit

The BSA was run by Liz Lewis and was made up of older girls who could stay out later than the members of the Baby-sitters Club. They are often snobbish and want all the attention. However, the members of the BSA used were irresponsible. A member called Cathy Morris let Jamie play outside in the street by himself and another left a cigarette burn on a client's furniture. The club gave the BSC some competition at first but folded rather quickly.

Other Job Edit

Later on, the BSA remade their group as a makeup group called Makeovers, Inc. They showed people how to tie their hair and put on makeup, but people avoided them because the BSA kept on forcing them and shoving it in their faces. The BSC laughed and the BSA were extremely mad.


Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown which member was the smoker.
  • The agency was mentioned in Mary Anne Saves the Day when Claudia says “I don’t want to break up either. Rember when that baby-sitters agency almost ruined us? If we survived that, we can survive anything.”
  • The members' appearances are not known, but were illustrated in the graphic novel version of The Truth About Stacey.
  • Liz from Raina Telgemeier’s (an author of the graphic novels) novel Drama was most likely named after the leader of the agency.
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