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The Baby-Sitters Club is a child care service around which The Baby-Sitters Club book series centers around.


Kristy got the idea of the BSC on the first Tuesday afternoon of seventh grade. The first meeting was held on the Friday a week and a half after the initial idea. Claudia Kishi was the first to pick up the phone at their first meeting before handing the phone to Kristy. It was her mom looking for someone to sit for David Michael Thomas.

The first club members were Kristy Thomas (president), Claudia Kishi (Vice President), Mary Anne Spier (Secretary), and Stacey McGill (Treasurer).

The club was founded by Kristy Thomas, after seeing how difficult it was for her mother to find a sitter for her little brother David Michael. The club originally consisted of Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Stacey. The club briefly dissolved in Kristy's Worst Idea but back together by the end.

The club advertises via newspaper ads, flyers, and word of mouth. In order to get a hold of the BSC during its regular meeting hours, clients call Claudia's private phone number at KL5- 3231.

Club Meetings

The club meets in Claudia's bedroom every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30-6:00 because Claudia has her own phone line. Claudia provides snacks for the meeting from her secret stash and makes sure that there are non-sugary options for Stacey and Dawn.

Emergency Club Meetings are held in under certain conditions.


  • President: Kristy is very punctual about starting meetings on time and will give you the Look if you are late. Kristy often sits on Claudia's director's chair during meetings. She often is the one to come up with ideas to promote the club, entertain and attract clients.
  • Vice President: Claudia holds the title because it's her private phone line and meetings are held in her room. She also provides all the food.
  • Treasurer, Stacey collects dues every Monday and reports on the financial status of the club. The money is kept in a manila envelope (a dollar from each). In the record book the treasurer records expenditures and earnings. The money is used to pay Charlie to drive Kristy and Abby to and from meetings, add supplies to Kid Kits, buy snacks for Claudia, and splurge on the occasional pizza party.
  • Secretary: Mary-Anne records all jobs and other appointments in the record book. She has never made a scheduling mistake. At the meetings, members write in and read the club Notebook.
  • Alternate officer: takes over a job if someone can't come to a meeting.
  • Junior officer: take daytime jobs so that the older members can take night jobs.
  • Associate officer take jobs that none of the other members can take.


Baby-Sitters In Training

Temporary Members

Honarary Members

Club Possessions


  • It's always been an unspoken rule that if there is more then 4 kids, they will send two baby-sitters. In Kristy and Mr. Mom the rule becomes official and sent out to clients on a flier.
  • No talking to boyfriends on the phone while on a job Stacey vs. the BSC
  • No inviting boys over while on sitting jobs Mary Anne Breaks the Rules

Media Portrayals

TV Series (1990)

In the book everyone tells Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer their plans over pizza leading to Kristy to think of the club. In this version Elizabeth tells Kristy what everyone else says when she talks to her that night. Claudia Kishi was the first to pick up the first call made to the club.

The Baby-Sitters Club (web series)

In this version Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer is using apps to find a baby-sitter for David Michael Thomas, when Kristy thinks of her idea.


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