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The Badd Boyz is a gang at Stoneybrook Middle School. They are just in Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter.


According to Logan Bruno, they’re the junior version of a high school gang.  They like to hang out in the shadows of the school, looking bored.  Sometimes they smoke cigarettes, sometimes they work on the cars belonging to the older gang members.  But mostly they spend their time trying to look cool.  You’d be surprised how many guys look up to them, even a few of the goody-goody ones.  And some girls treat them like movies starts.  Then there are kids who insist the Badd Boyz are criminals:  they say they steal cars, break into houses, hold up kids for pocket money, things like that.

In Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter, they stole from Erica Blumberg, Janet Gates, Gordon Brown, and Stacey McGill. They also stole from Sound Ideas using Logan as a distraction. When Logan wanted to turn them in, they threatened Mary Anne. Later the Stoneybrook Police caught D, Remo, T-Jam, Ice Box, Skin, and Butcher Boy at the store. They went to juvenile court, had to pay a fine, and suspended from school. The Stoneybrook News broke the store and named Remo and D since they were legally adults.

Later Jackhammer and G-Man were making other friends after the arrest.

They all have their own jackets. There is at least two older members from the high school that drive.


  • T-Jam
  • Skin (real name Dennis Malek)
  • Ice Box
  • Butcher Boy
  • Jack-hammar
  • G-Man
  • Remo
  • D


  • Clarence King once got into a fight with one of the Badd Boyz — and lost.  Ever since that he’d been bad-mouthing them, calling them grease monkeys and piston heads. They make fun of him back.
  • Ice Box is built like a linebacker. He is picked up by police after attempting to steal from Sound Ideas; is suspended from school and ordered by juvenile court to pay a fine in Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter.
  • They cut school according to Mary Anne Spier.
  • Logan's nickname was "Ken doll."
  • Dennis (Skin) was previously threatened to join the Badd Boyz.
  • T-Jam's mom sewed their names onto their jackets