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The Barkan Twins are identical twins who attend Stoneybrook Academy and are in Ms. Colman's class with Karen Brewer. They primarily appear in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series and The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series.



In Karen's Twin, Terri and Tammy dressed alike at school a few times before deciding to switch places for a day. Their prank was able to fool everyone in the class. They also participated in Audrey Green's twin day project along with Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold.

She and her sister invited Natalie to her house for a spaghetti dinner. They also planned on inviting Addie Sidney in Karen's New Friend.

In Teacher's Pet she and her sister bring a pet frog named Frank to school, they currently don't have him anymore by Twin Trouble. However, they bring a frog to class again in Karen's Black Cat.

Terri is older than Tammy by an hour. For a long time they dressed alike until they were called twinny in the first grade causing them to decide to dress differently at school. In Twin Trouble the girls have a hard time being too different from each other.

In Second Grade Baby, they have a stuffed elephant named Tootsie and Taffy a stuffed chipmunk. Neither girl decided to bring them in, leaving Natalie Springer to submit her teddy bear for the class project.

Their paternal uncle is an actor and director. The twins go to school with him for bring your daughter to work day in Karen's Big Job. They watched part of a rehearsal for The Wizard of Oz. They helped paint scenery and thread needles for the costume designer.


  • Their grandmother Doris and Doris' sister Martha are twins, but Martha died when Tammy and Terri were five.
  • In Karen's Twin Tammy mentions that they live with brothers and grandparents but it is not mentioned again throughout the rest of the series.
  • Their father is the room parent in Second Grade Baby.
  • In Karen's Pizza Party, they got permission to bring home Hootie, the class guinea pig.
  • Their last name is spelled as "Barkin" in Karen's Accident.
  • One of their grandmothers was recovering from an operation in Karen's Movie Star.
  • Their mother started a new job in Karen's Swim Meet.