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The Barrett/DeWitt Family is a client of the Baby-sitters Club. They live at 48 Chestnut Drive Stoneybrook CT. The family includes seven BSC charges - three of Natalie Barrett's children and four of Franklin DeWitt's children.

Family History[]

Natalie Barrett and her husband had recently divorced. Mallory Pike called the Barrett children 'The Impossible Three', but they are not so impossible anymore. Now, they are some of Dawn's favorite kids. The Barrett kids get along with their mother's boyfriend, Franklin DeWitt, very well. The Barrett kids don't like the DeWitt Children at the first couple of encounters. The two families call peace and share the same bizarre taste in food in Dawn's Family Feud

Mrs. Barrett and Mr. Dewitt announced plans to get married in Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever. The kids didn't react too well and the Barretts try to DeWitt-proof the house. The family decides to look for a new bigger house where the kids bond. Natalie and Franklin show the kids a house in Greenvale but the kids do not want to leave Stoneybrook, until finally agreeing not to leave.

They married in Here Come the Bridesmaids!

Dawn is under instruction not to let the Barrett kids talk to their biological father if he calls.


Extended Family[]

  • Randi (Mrs. Barrett's sister) (SS#12)
  • Hamilton Barrett (Mrs. Barrett's ex-husband)
  • Gram, gramps, gee-ma and gee-pa are Buddy's named for his grandparents
  • Buddy's unknown aunt that lives in Alaska
  • Unnamed cousin - Mrs. Barrett's side
  • Aunt Jo - unknown side (#42)


  • Dog - Pow (formerly)
  • Gerbil- Frisky
  • Turtle - Mr. Turtle
  • Guppie fish - named after famous baseball players

The animals are left in the playroom.

House Description[]

New house[]

When they moved in together, they moved to 48 Chestnut Drive, which is near Stoneybrook Elementary School. It has a very little front yard, no porch, four bedrooms (including a basement bedroom). Buddy and Taylor shared the basement bedroom. They used to have a bunk bed but Buddy would hit his head whenever he sat up mentioned in Dawn and the School Spirit War. Furniture would sit out in the hall and Ryan was forced to sleep out there. There is no chimney and kind of small. Franklin and Natalie announce they're going to build an addition to the house. At the groundbreaking ceremony, the kids announces the changes they want made. Two big bedrooms next to each other. One of Buddy and Taylor and one for Lindsay and Suzi, and Madeleine. Marnie and Ryan will still have rooms of their own.

The addition was finished in Mary Anne and the Music Box Secret. Their contractor added a hidden compartment in the girls bedroom. There's a shed in the back and a playhouse.

In Here Come the Bridesmaids!, the kitchen has wallpaper with "what looks like broccoli" on it according to Suzi.

Old House[]

Before Natalie remarried she and her children lived on Slate Street, three house downs from the Pikes, toward Dawn's house.

Their house was a pigsty but not messy anymore. It had a front porch. The Murphys and Spencers are their neighbors. Buddy's room is decorated in "early American ninja turtle style." There are photos of the kids including one of Buddy on the coffee table.


Media Portrayals[]

Netflix series[]

In this version the entire Barrett family has been cast and will be part of the episode Dawn and the Impossible Three exactly like in the book.