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Bart's Bashers is a sports team for kids, created by Bart Taylor.


In Sea City, Here We Come!, they are called a high-end summer little league. The team often plays against Kristy's Krushers, coached by Kristy Thomas, Bart's on-again/off again girlfriend. The Bashers usually win again the Krushers, but don't rub it in.

The Bashers are from seven to nine years old, a little older then the Krushers. In Kristy and the Walking Disaster, there's no girls on the team, which changes later.

In Kristy's Mystery Admirer their best hitter had the chicken pox, their usual pitcher was out of town for the weekend, and two good layers had been benched for fighting each other. The Krusher's won their game in the first chapter of this book.


In Kristy and the Walking Disaster, Bart's Bashers have their own uniform. They wear matching red caps and tee shirts. In Karen's Home Run, Karen notes that they have striped uniforms like real players, with striped shirts and matching pants.

Four girls wear snazzy cheerleader uniforms.



  • The kids are from Bart's neighborhood, a different neighborhood then most of the Krushers.
  • Some kids from the Bashers formed the Krashers, the Stoneybrook All-Star team to play against neighboring towns.
  • They lose in the world series to the Krushers in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers.