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Bart Taylor is a minor character in The Baby-Sitters Club books by Ann M. Martin. He is Kristy Thomas' sort-of-boyfriend. Bart made his first appearance in Kristy and the Walking Disaster. He is an eighth grader at Stoneybrook Day School. He lives at 65 Edgerstoune Dr.


Bart has dark hair and eyes. According to Kristy he has “floppy brown hair and a crooked smile and deep dark eyes as well as a perfect nose."


Bart is probably rich since he lives near Kristy's new neighborhood on McLelland Road. He is competitive and thoughtful. He has a little brother named Kyle.

In Karen's Baby-sitter, when none of the BSC could take a regular job Kristy suggests Bart sit for Karen and Andrew. Karen developed a crush on him. He asks her to come over to his house for a movie, but she's unaware that Kristy and David Michael are there. Karen gets mad at him and gets him in trouble. Later the two make up. Bart is friendly and easy to get along with but can be very messy, such as when they made brownies and ended up making a mess of the kitchen. He also broke a fern pot. Karen notes that he is smart and learns from his mistakes.

He plays electric and acoustic guitar in a band and practices in his basement in Kristy's Mystery Admirer. They've had a few gigs.

Both he and Kristy coached a softball team for little kids that often competed against each other, since Bart and Kristy live in the same neighborhood. Bart's team was called Bart's Bashers and Kristy's was called Kristy's Krushers. They later played some games on the same team, by combining some members of their teams and calling themselves the Krashers. His Bashers lose World Series 8 to 7.

In Snowbound, Kristy invites him over to watch a movie and hang out for dinner. He gets snowed in at Kristy's house and ended up staying the night.

He helps think of the Official Thomas Book of World Records in Kristy + Bart = ? by encouraging the kids, saying the weirder records the better. The book later gets renamed Record Wreckers: The BSC Book of Kids' Wild, Wako, Off-the-Wall Records. Bart shows up at Kristy's house when no adults are present, even though the latter didn't invite him over.



  • baseball
  • anchovies
  • Sports
  • being with Kristy (M#9)'
  • Pizza



Bart and Kristy met in Kristy and the Walking Disaster and became friends. They formed their friendship over their common interest in baseball and other sports. Kristy had a crush on him --- her very first crush, even. Besides having a friendship, they had crushes on each other.

He sends anonymous love letters to Kristy. They go to the Halloween Hop (she invited him) dressed as lobsters and win most unusual costumes. He kisses her on the cheeks after a slow dance in Kristy's Mystery Admirer.

Bart takes Kristy to the Valentines Dance. He once kissed Kristy in front of everyone at Awards Night in Kristy and the Missing Child.

Kristy tells Karen Brewer that Bart is her boyfriend in Karen's Baby-sitter.

In Kristy + Bart = ? Watson catches Kristy and Bart kissing. Kristy is peeved and dumps Bart without letting him get a word in edgewise. Then she calls him again and says that they should just be pals, not boyfriend and girlfriend. Bart reluctantly goes along with it, and disinvites Kristy from the April Fool's Dance at SDS. The whole thing makes Bart feel kind of lonely; he wants to stay Kristy's friend though.

Bart was over at Kristy's house in Snowbound. Bart and Kristy often talk on the telephone. Kristy had invited him to come over to watch a video and join her family for dinner, which lead to him getting stuck at her house.