Bart Taylor is a minor character in The Baby-Sitters Club books by Ann M. Martin. He is Kristy Thomas' sort-of-boyfriend. Bart made his first appearance in Book #20 Kristy and the Walking Disaster.

Bisty (Bart and Kristy)Edit

Bart and Kristy met each other in Book #20 Kristy and the Walking Disaster and became friends. Kristy had a crush on him --- her very first crush, even. They went to dances together and both coached a softball team for little kids that often competed against each other. Besides having a friendship, they had crushes on each other. Bart lived in Kristy's new neighborhood. Bart's team was called Bart's Bashers and Kristy's was called Kristy's Krushers. They later played some games on the same team, by combining some members of their teams and calling themselves The Krashers. They formed their friendship over their common interest in baseball and other sports. Bart was over at Kristy's house in Super Special #7 Snowbound. Bart and Kristy often talk on the telephone.

What is knownEdit

Not much is known about Bart, except that he has younger siblings and has dark hair and eyes. Bart is probably rich since he lives in Kristy's new neighborhood on McLelland Road. Bart likes baseball. Bart has a dog named Twinkle, as revealed in Book #20 Kristy and the Walking Disaster.


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