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The Barton Family is a family that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. They are first shown in Karen's Toys.


The family moves on Forest Drive in Karen's Toys when the Jessups move away. At first, they are nice, but Karen Brewer and Nancy Dawes found Lynda and Jackie to be bossy. They begin to annoy Karen, Nancy, Bobby Gianelli, Andrew Brewer, Alicia Gianelli, Kathryn Barnes, and Willie Barnes when they want to change their panel for the art contest. The two groups were at a paint war over the panel's design until a compromise was made.

Lynda, Jackie, and Meghan help make the tree house in Karen's New Puppy.


  • Mrs. Barton
  • Mr. Barton
  • Mark (12)
  • Eric (10)
  • Lynda (8)
  • Jackie (7)
  • Meghan (4)


  • There's a basement in the house and a large front yard in Karen's New Puppy.
  • Mark and Eric don't play with the neighbor kids; they call them babies.
  • It's unclear which school they attend.