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Mrs Goodes Cookware Battle of Bakers ad from M21

Flyer for "Mrs. Goode's Cookware Battle of the Bakers"

Battle of the Bakers is a cook off hosted in the Stoneybrook High School gymnasium. The event is only shown in Claudia and the Recipe for Danger.


Claudia Kishi first sees the contest on a flyer at Pizza Express with Stacey McGill, Charlotte Johanssen, and Jamie Newton. It's sponsored by Mrs. Goode's Cookware. There's two age groups ages nine to fifteen and sixteen and over. They compete as individuals or as teams over two weeks for prizes up to one thousand dollars.

The winners get their recipe in Mrs. Goode's cookbook.

The judges include a man that writes restaurant reviews for the Stoneybrook News and Anna Salerno, a woman that runs Maria's restaurant in Stamford. There is a third unnamed judge.

In the adult division a grandmother from Brooklyn won. In the junior division Claudia, Mary Anne, and Shea's team won.



Nine to Fifteen Group

Team 1

Team 2

  • Julie Liu
  • Sinai Choi
  • Celeste Baskett

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

  • Rachel Kleinman
  • Anna Atamian

Team 6

Team 7

Team 8

Team 9

Team 10

  • Diane McVie
  • Tiffany Sweet
  • Jennifer Downey

Sixteen and Over

  • Mr. Johanssen
  • Mrs. Newton
  • A grandmother from Brooklyn
  • Mr. Papadakis or Mrs. Papadakis or both
  • Mrs. Rodowsky or Mr. Rodowsky or both
  • Mrs. Arnold or Mr. Arnold or both
  • Mr. Austin or Mrs. Austin or both
  • Mr. Lavista or Mrs. Lavista or both
  • Mr. Singer or Mrs. Singer or both
  • Mr. Farmer or Mrs. Farmer or both


  • Team two, six, ten are groups of out of towners.
  • Team one, two, five, seven and eight went on to the final round.
  • Team five is the first runner up.