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Becca Ramsey
Full name

Rebecca Ramsey




Oakley, NJ




John Philip Ramsey, Sr. (father)
Janice Ramsey (mother)
Jessi Ramsey (sister)
John Philip "Squirt" Ramsey, Jr. (brother)
Cecelia Ramsey (aunt)


Stoneybrook Elementary School




Kids-Can-Do-Anything Club

First Appearance

#14, Hello, Mallory

Final Appearance
Portrayed by

Rebecca "Becca" Ramsey is Jessi Ramsey's eight-year-old sister.

Appearance and Personality[]

Mallory says Becca looks like a younger version of Jessi, "with those long legs and long eyelashes." Her eyes aren't as dark as her sister's, and her legs aren't as long either. Jessi says, "Maybe that's why she's not a dancer."

She's described as shy, kind, thoughtful, and sensitive. She also has a big imagination. Jessi thinks that she needs to develop a thicker skin in Jessi's Wish.


Becca moves to Stoneybrook in Hello, Mallory. The Ramseys don't receive a warm welcome in the mostly white Stoneybrook. At first, Jessi remarks that nobody in school's talking to her younger sister. Becca's situation improves after she becomes best friends with the similarly shy Charlotte Johanssen.

Becca ends up stranded on an island along with Claudia, Dawn and her brother Jeff, Haley Braddock, and Jamie Newton in Baby-sitters' Island Adventure. She was feeling jealous because of Jessi's dance, so she decided to go on the sailboat race. The moment that seems to have left the biggest impression on her was eating a fish caught by a Jeff, a fact that Jessi finds funny. She attended the press conference at the end of the book.

She's part of the after-school club Kids-Can-Do-Anything, a group devoted to thinking of ways of helping the community and then putting those ideas into practice in Jessi's Wish.

She was in a car accident with Aunt Cecelia, Jessi, and Squirt (who hurts his head but is ultimately okay) in Happy Holidays, Jessi. She's not sure that she believes in Santa anymore but visits him at the mall just in case. Becca wanted a new bike that Christmas. She also developed the flu during the book.

In Abby and the Mystery Baby, she, Charlotte, and the Arnold Twins put on a play about photosynthesis for the writers month event that the BSC put together. She was dressed like a tree and sang about chlorophyll.

In Kristy and the Cat Burglar, she went through a "Harriet the Spy" phase. She spied on her friends along with the other kids in the neighborhood.

In Jessi's Big Break, she had a hard time with Jessi being gone for the month. She perks up and is happy when Jessi returns.

She helped Jessi play tricks on Aunt Cecelia in Jessi's Baby-sitter. This included, short sheeting her bed and filling her slippers with shaving cream. Cecelia eventually gets back at them after they make up.

In Jessi and the Jewel Thieves, Becca stays with the Pike Family for a weekend, while her parents go to a wedding and Jessi is in New York City. At first she hates it and complains but when she starts to have fun, she doesn't want to leave.



  • Misty, a hamster.



  • She has terrible stage fright; due to her stage fright, she fainted on stage while playing a flower in her second-grade school play, "Little Red Riding Hood."
  • Aunt Cecelia (formerly) (#36)
  • The dark (SS#4)
  • Being called Becky (#115)


Media Portrayals[]


She is played by Kyla Pratt. This Becca is the same age as her book counterpart.

TV series[]

Becca is portrayed by two actresses in the 90s series. She is played by Nilyne Fields in Stacey's Big Break and The Baby-sitters' Special Christmas.

She is played by Najah Dupree In Dawn Saves the Trees, Claudia and the Mystery of the Secret Passage, and The Baby-sitters and the Boy Sitters.

Netflix series[]

She will be played by actress Isabel Birch[1]. She only appears in the episode Jessi and the Superbrat.