Rebecca "Becca" Ramsey is Jessi Ramsey's 8-year-old sister. Her younger brother is Squirt Ramsey. Her best friend is Charlotte Johanssen. She has terrible stage fright and is a member of the Kids Can Do Anything Club at Stoneybrook Elementary School where she is friends with Danielle Roberts.

Becca attended Camp Mohawk and was one of Kristy Thomas's campers in Cabin 8-B along with Charlotte. She was also a member of All the Children of the World. She has a rock collection and owns twelve Barbie dolls.


Becca looks like a younger version of Jessi, only her eyes aren't as dark as Jessi's and her legs aren't long as Jessi. She is described as shy, kind, thoughtful, and sensitive. She also has a big imagination. Becca has a hard time getting up in the morning.


  • Due to her stage fright, she fainted on stage while playing a flower in her second grade school play, "Little Red Riding Hood"
  • She was once stranded on an island during a sailing trip with friends
  • She helped Jessi play tricks on Aunt Cecelia
  • When the rest of the Ramseys leave Stoneybrook for a weekend, Becca throws a tantrum & later "runs away" back to her house with Mary Anne in tow, but she ends up having such a good time at the Pikes' house, she doesn't want to leave.
  • Was involved in a car accident with Jessi, Aunt Cecelia, and Squirt (who was injured in the accident)


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