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The Bedford Zoo is a zoo located outside of Stoneybrook, CT. It is unknown where it's exactly located.


The visitors’ center has walls covered with large, colorful photos of Bengal tigers, giraffes, polar bears, flamingos, elephants, and camels. Purple-and-green nylon banners, each with the profile of an animal, hang from the ceiling. At one end of the room, cedar benches are arranged in rows facing a small platform.

There are new key-activated information boxes. Visitors to the zoo pay a one-dollar fee and receive a key. Stoneybrook Middle School students get their own key, so they have access to the same information as any regular zoo visitor.

There are animal activists at the zoo when the SMS students show up on the first day in Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery. The zoo hired extra security after they received a pair of gorillas on loan from San Diego at the same time that they started receiving notes saying 'Animals should be free' and 'Cages are cruel'.


In Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery, the zoo hosts two gorillas, James and Mojo, on loan from the San Diego Zoo. They team up with Stoneybrook Middle School to study the animals for three weeks.

Ms. Colman's Class went to the zoo in Karen's School Trip. The animal sculptures that the class made during art class were on display.

Ms. Colman's class also went on a field trip to the zoo in Baby Animal Zoo.


  • Mrs. Wofsey - director
  • Mr. Chester - Mrs. Wofsey's assistant (formerly)
  • Sherry McDonald - zookeeper
  • Harriet Sisko - zookeeper


  • One of the seals is named Sparky.