Ben Hobart is a friend and romantic interest of Mallory Pike. Like Mallory, he is 11 years old and was in the sixth grade at Stoneybrook Middle School. Ben has three younger brothers: James HobartMatthew Hobart, and Johnny Hobart. He is a member of the Hobart Family.

Appearance Edit

He and his brothers have reddish blond hair, round faces, and a smattering of freckles across their noses. Ben wears glasses unlike his brothers. He is also described as tall for his age.

Biography Edit

Ben had a crush on Mallory and would study with her, before asking her to see a movie in Kristy and the Secret of Susan. He takes her to the Halloween hop, Winter Wonderland, and Valentine Dances. He calls Mallory a "bonzer sheila" - a terrific girl.

After they have a small argument because Mal bailed out on a caroling date, he stops speaking to her for a while. Later, they get back together and go out together.

He trades his brothers with Mallory's because her brothers were getting on her nerves and vice versa.

Pets Edit

  • The family has two iguanas.

Trivia Edit


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