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Ben Hobart is a friend and romantic interest of Mallory Pike. Like Mallory, he is 11 years old and was in the sixth grade at Stoneybrook Middle School. Ben has three younger brothers: James HobartMathew Hobart, and Johnny Hobart. He is a member of the Hobart Family.


He and his brothers have reddish blond hair, round faces, and a smattering of freckles across their noses. Ben wears glasses unlike his brothers. He is also described as tall for his age, which can be a little intimidating.


Ben had a crush on Mallory and would study with her, before asking her to see a movie in Kristy and the Secret of Susan. He takes her to the Halloween hop, Winter Wonderland, and Valentine Dances. He calls Mallory a "bonzer sheila" - a terrific girl in Beware, Dawn

After they have a small argument because Mal bailed out on a caroling date, he stops speaking to her for a while. Later, they get back together and go out together.

He trades his brothers with Mallory's because her brothers were getting on her nerves and vice versa in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym).