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William Franklin Bain, more commonly known as Bill Bain, is a major league baseball player that only appears in Kristy at Bat. He was Watson Brewer's favorite baseball player.


He was on the Baltimore Orioles when Watson was a kid. Bill opened his own baseball camp in Delaware.

Bill is described as an old grump, especially lately. He just can't accept that he's not as young as he once was. He can't throw as hard, he can't hit as far, he can't even see the ball as well. He can be a real nice guy when he wants to be.

At the dream camp, he was rude telling Watson that he didn't like to be interrupted at mealtime. He wasn't at practice much and didn't come to meals with the rest of everyone half the time. Bill wouldn't even play when he was on the field.

In chapter 12 Kristy Thomas told him off about how he's been acting and defending Gloria, another coach, he didn't say anything and walked away. Later he shows up ready to coach and apologizes for being rude. He awards Kristy as Best Coach at awards night and voted on by the others for helping out all week.


  • His dad's name is Franklin.
  • He once made three home runs in one game when he had the broken finger. He'd broken his finger while helping a little boy fix his bicycle. Watson remembers watching the game on TV, over at his uncle Moe's house. He was a big Bill Bain fan too.
  • He was once on the Johnny Carson show.
  • Only his aunt Gladys told him off before.