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Bill Bain's Dream Camp is a camp located in Delaware. It is only featured in Kristy at Bat.


Kristy Thomas and Watson Brewer go there for a week in April, on Stoneybrook Middle School's spring break.

The camp is a chance to pretend you're a major league ballplayer. For a week you do nothing but play ball all day with the dreamers and players who were once superstars. The coaches once coached the best of the best. You’re issued a uniform, you play on first-class ball fields, and you spend your days mingling with players you’ve reader about in the sports pages.

They hosted a special father daughter session that Watson signed him and Kristy up for.

Campers are divided into two groups. The Red Team - the campers who have a red border on your name tags - will be using the red locker room. The Blue Team is made up of those that have a blue border on the name tags.

There is an awards dinner on the last night of camp. Campers left with certificate, as well as an autographed baseball, a Dream Camp travel mug, a set of photos from our session, and a copy of the video of that day's game. The tape also included highlights from the week.


Red Team (Red Devils)[]

  • Tony Washington
  • Hugo Martinez
  • Candy Crosby

Blue Team (Blue Batters)[]





  • Vicki Sahadevan is twelve years old and from Connecticut. Vicki had long dark hair in a braid down her back, and a dark complexion (her grandparents are from India). Also, even though she's a year younger, she's much taller than Kristy. She doesn't really like baseball.
  • Mr. Sahadevan loves baseball and dragged Vicki to the camp to get her to love it just as much as him. He would always brag about her accomplishments and pushes her into doing things she doesn't want to do. They talk about their feelings at the end.
  • Matt Adamec used to play first base for the Chicago White Sox.
  • A map of the Dream Camp grounds shows two main ball fields and the locker rooms. Everything was connected by paved paths: hotel, ball fields, even the golf course.
  • Campers get two uniforms each, one for practice and one for the game at the end of the week.
  • Gloria Kemp played center field for the Georgia Peaches. The movie "A League of Their Own" is about the team.