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Bill Korman is the nine year old brother of Melody Korman and Skylar Korman, and a member of the Korman Family. He is one of the BSC charges. He is a minor character in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister and Baby-sitters Club series.



Bill goes to Stoneybrook Day School with his sister and a few other kids from the neighborhood. Kristy babysits him and his sister the most since she lives close to him. He always has hot dogs when he is being babysat except they had pizza once when Kristy sat for him.

Bill and his sisters had a hard time adjusting to living in a huge mansion. They imagine toilet gurgles to the be the toilet monster They must run into bed before the toilet stops flushing or the Toilet Monster will get them. Mary Anne makes a game out of it that cures them of their fear of the monster. Now they flushed the toilet a lot. A plumber fixes the pipes and make the toilet monster gone in Mary Anne Misses Logan.

In Dawn Saves the Planet he and Buddy Barrett work on the wild animal booth at the Green Fair. They make endangered species collages and sell birdhouses together.

His bike was stolen in Karen's New Bike not long after Karen's bike was stolen. His bike was recovered by the end of the book. He goes searching with Karen when they find Karen's bike.



  • Baseball



  • In Karen's Snow Princess he wins the snow prince title as part of the winter carnival.
  • Bill participates in the Battles of the Bakers with his SDS friends.
  • His family is Jewish.
  • He thinks the chocolate chips in their ice cream are moles.
  • Bill had a small crush on Hannie Papadakis in Kristy and the Sister War.