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So I have like a snark blog and it would be cool if you could look at it


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CoolPeep2000 CoolPeep2000 18 August

My BSC Song!!!!!!

This is my BSC theme song for the book series. I wrote most of it myself, with a little help. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: This is for the 1980-1990 book series, not the 2020 Netflix show. If you guys like this one, I may make one for the 2020 Netflix series. So please comment!

Who are we?
We are the BSC!
Sitting for kids is so fun for me!
We have the Newtons and the Pikes
And Charlotte J., who Stacey likes
Not to mention all our brothers and sisters
There is also Jackie, who has a lot of blisters

Kristy had the idea that brought us all together
Sitting in Claud’s room made us friends forever
Mallory writes in the notebook, while Kristy talks on the phone
When the Prezziososess call, then we all groan
Claudia passes out junk food for all us
Stacey can eat pretzel…

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UnicornsRule18 UnicornsRule18 11 August


Hi guys and gals I'm new to fandom and I'm really excited to be on here!

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Wiki1243 Wiki1243 10 August


The Crazy Baby-Sitters

(pike family enter)

Claire: I want to play  candy land

Margo: Me too

Triples: Candy land is boring 

Nicky: I don’t like girl games

Vanessa: I need a new idea for my poem 

Mrs pike: Pikes listen up (all look at Mrs Pike) two babysitters will sit for you today, I have work. So please don’t make it hard for them.

Vanessa: who will sit for us?

Mrs Pike: Mallory and Jessi

Mallory: Yeah, I already knew that from the club meeting.

Byron: (Being sarcastic) Who is Jessi?

Nicky: Byron you don’t Know

Adam: Nicky stop being smart

Jordan: (to Nicky) Wimp!

Nicky: Hey!! (kicks Jordan in the shin)

(Triplets roll their eyes)

Claire: silly-billy-Googoo Nicky and Byron

Vanessa: Hey guys want to hear my new poem: Sunshine Daisies Butter Mellow turn this …

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CoolPeep2000 CoolPeep2000 10 August

Stale Gods (BSC AU)

Hey guys! Wiki1243 asked me to write another fanfic, so here it is!!

Dawn (appears at MAS's doorway): Hey Mary Anne! Your sweater looks really dibble!

Mary Anne: Dibble? You-you mean stale, right?

Dawn: Um, no, dibble. Remember, dibble means cool, and stale means bad?

Mary Anne: But, but- ......wait. Don't tell me.....you're not a stale god?

Dawn: Yeah, you know, Mary Anne, lets just stop joking around. We've got to get ready for school. 

Mary Anne: You think the Stale Gods are a joke?

Dawn: duh

Mary Anne: No! Stale Gods are real! And I am one! Join me Dawn, and we can be Stale Gods forever. Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! Stale Gods! St…

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Wiki1243 Wiki1243 24 July

Where is the poet Vanessa

"The Beach was a blast...I pray this trip is not my last" -Vanessa Pike 2020 Netflix

Vanessa pike was a daydreamer and was often lost in her own world. She loved writing poetry and reading and was like Mallory. She wanted to be a poet and spoke in rhyme often, which drove everyone crazy. Well, dreams come true Vanessa...

Not long after Graduation day your Rhyme dropped, you still wrote poetry but less of it. You were a dancer and won some national title. Skipped a year in both school and dance. You topped the class with your grades and oh Vanessa you go an opportunity to attend Riverbend hall in year 11 and 12.

You are a poet/author and you work alongside your sister Mallory who is an author too. Well done Vanessa, your annoying Nicky days ar…

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Lovefiction Lovefiction 19 July

Netflix Series Review

This is late but I"m going to post it anyway. I wrote this as an article style because in some ways I do have to justify why I'm breaking this down and my intro to the books. It's kind of in my nature to rant and I've written articles for newspapers and such back when I was in school.

I am not a professional reviewer by any means. Because otherwise this would not have just a rudimentary understanding of how to write an article that I was introduced to in Journalism 101 or in high school. If I was a professional, I’d be paid to write some flouncy article without much of a real substance lol.

Let’s get started!

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Kristy's Great Idea
    • 2.1 What I like:
    • 2.2 What I Don’t Like:
    • 2.3 Nitpick:
  • 3 Claudia and the Phantoms Phone Calls
    • 3.1 What I like
    • 3.2 W…

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Wiki1243 Wiki1243 16 July

20 years later for the BSC.......

Where are all the girls now????? This is what I imagine that they would be doing in the year 2020:

Part 1

Kristy: Kristy would definitely be a lawyer!!! She is a natural-born leader and is not afraid of saying what she thinks is right. She has a part-time job as a sports coach for little kids. Kristy adopted a girl from Vietnam, just like Emily Michelle.

Malory: WRITER!!!!! Malory writes books (both children and adult fiction) and is now an author. She works alongside her sister Vanessa who is a poet/author too. She also has a part-time job as a horse riding teacher. Malory has no kids yet.

Mary Anne: Mary Anne is being her true self as a teacher, a job she enjoys greatly. The kids love her and so do the parents. She loves being around kids so…

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Wiki1243 Wiki1243 14 July

Bot warning

Who thinks nutraljedi is a bot???? they are active 24/7 like who does that??? plus their replies don't seem like a real person wrote them. I think they should be blocked, but no hate intended!!!! Comment what you think.

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Neutraljedi Neutraljedi 9 July

Baby-sitters Club vs. Baby-Sitters Club vs. Babysitters Club

The official spelling of the club/series name is something that has been ambiguous to me for a while, because I have seen it spelled all different ways in different sources. However, I have up until now almost exclusively used the spelling 'Baby-sitters Club' on this wiki because that is the spelling that appears in the books, so that is the canon spelling. I know that the logo makes it ambiguous, but I would consider the book text to be the best source in terms of what is canon.

However, the Netflix show appears to spell it 'Baby-Sitters Club' and that spelling is used on their official site/youtube channel. So, when referring to the show we should capitalize the 'S', but when referring to the books or anything within the books, the 's' sh…

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Lovefiction Lovefiction 2 July


I finished going through all of the Little Sister series for characters. I will probably go back through and find things like streets and locations in Stoneybrook. I'm also trying to transcribe everything from The Complete Guide. Since it's not entirely complete I'm going through books 101 to Graduation Day and putting what I can on pages. Then go through in sets like 1-10 and make sure that's all on here too.

I have a complete series if you want to ask me anything about the books let me know! I'm willing to look things up for people.

I'm also going to leave a review of the Netflix series when it finally airs on Friday.

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What is better

Super special 1 or super special 2????

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CoolPeep2000 CoolPeep2000 14 June

What would the BSC do in the Coronavirus pandemic?

Here is what the BSC would be doing in a pandemic like ours.

​​​​​​Kristy: She is very dissapointed that the BSC is shut down for now. She would try to make an online baby-sitting service. It wouldn't be too great, because they're, well, 8th graders. Kristy would be ansty of being stuck at home for so freaking long. Would also be jealous that Dawn and Mary Anne have each other.

Dawn: Would drive everyone nuts by nagging about healthy eating and trying to convince everyone they can heal the virus with seaweed or something. She would be very "laid back" about the whole thing, saying that "if you just ate health food, this whole thing would be no big deal." She would be happy she has Mary Anne. 

Mary Anne: Mary Anne would be freaking out. She wo…

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Lovefiction Lovefiction 27 May

Contributions 2

So I am in the middle of copying info from The Complete Guide to the Baby-Sitters Club anywhere I can from locations, people, and just stuff that's exclusively baby-sitters club. I'm combing through the books as best as I can.

If anyone needs info on pages from that book or certain materials let me know!

Lovefiction (talk) 16:45, May 27, 2020 (UTC)

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Copeland3723 Copeland3723 26 May

The New BSC Series on Netflix

I am so excited for the new BSC series on Netflix on July 3rd! Has anyone else watched the teaser trailer? It already looks really good. And all it showed was phones and stuff :P

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CoolPeep2000 CoolPeep2000 22 May

A very silly fanfic

Hi! It's me, CoolPeep2000. I decided to write a very silly fanfic, which is recommended for people with a sense of humor. Otherwise, you might think it's dumb and offensive.   Anyway, here goes. 


Characters: Claudia, Stacey, Jessi, Mallory, Kristy, Dawn, Mary Anne

Setting: Claudia's room

Time: Monday, 5:25, almost time for a BSC meeting (By the way, this is set in 2020, not the '80s and '90s)

Kristy: Everyone's here...except Claudia.

Mary Anne: That's weird.

Jessi: It's her house.

Claudia (Barges in): Hi! Sorry I wasn't here. I was just getting my bangle braclets.

(Kristy raises an eyebrow)

Claudia: Wanna see?

(Claudia outstreches her arm. Everyone looks. On her arm are about 40 silver bangle braclets.)

Dawn: That's a lot of …

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CoolPeep2000 CoolPeep2000 14 May

Karen Brewer

Ok, people. I have a question. WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE KAREN?? I think she has a great imagination, and is a pretty good friend. Sure, she can get carried away with things, but she is seven y'all. Give her a break. Her parents are divorced. That can be hard on a 7 year old. She never did anything suuuuper horrible. She's just a mini Kristy, and I know people like Kristy. So, in the comments, will someone answer my question, WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE KAREN??

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Lovefiction Lovefiction 24 February


I'll be editing as I go on various pages. I worked backward from Karen's Cowboy all the way up to Karen's Witch. Just about done then will start from the complete guide. Not sure how much longer I'll be editing pages for but I figured I'd just go with it. 

If I'm doing anything wrong let me know. 

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Mcpon14 Mcpon14 8 December 2019

A Discord server to discuss the Babysitters Club series?

A server for discussing the Babysitter Club books and the Hey Arnold! television show.  Anyone interested? https://discord.gg/fmwCKPp

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1SadLynn 1SadLynn 11 June 2017

Stoneybrook Revisited

Hi fellow BSC fans! Sorry for the shameless plug here, but I’m excited to share the new trailer/intro for a BSC web series I recently worked on with Apple Juice Productions. It’s called “Stoneybrook Revisited: A Baby-Sitters Club Fan Film” and catches up with Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, and Dawn in the modern day.

The trailer is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDqxSrPbvjY. Hope you guys like it (and maybe subscribe to watch the series on June 20)! We made this with a lot of love for the BSC books -- and with a 100% female crew!

Thanks! XXX

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Nerdfightergirl Nerdfightergirl 9 December 2013

Karen Brewer

I never had a problem with Karen when I was originally reading the books, but now that I'm an adult, when I think back to what kinds of things she did, I realize that she was definitely a horrible brat.

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Nerdfightergirl Nerdfightergirl 9 December 2013


It has been a very long time since I have read a BSC book, but I'd wager I've probably read 75% of them at some point in my life. Sometimes it's nice to think back to that time.

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Rockon4737 Rockon4737 30 September 2012

The Pike Kids

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Julie Demers Julie Demers 16 October 2011


Here is Julie and i read baby-sitters club in french and in english for almost 20 years! i just worte and article but i may write mroe soon :)

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Silver springs77 Silver springs77 16 October 2011

Adding to the stash

Ok my odd bucket list goal is to own a copy of every BSC book, movie, etc. ever made. For now, I will settle for the entire book collection. Today I went to the Red Barn Flea Market and made out like a bandit. One book seller ended up ripping me off (charged $5 -$9 for a couple of super specials that originally only sold for $4...I learned my lesson) but another seller was happy to let go of all the BSC books he had at 4 books for $1. WOOT. So I am getting there!! I have to go through my parent's basement sometime soon and dig for the copies I had as a kid....I used to own 75% of the books....

Onward and upward!!

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Silver springs77 Silver springs77 29 September 2011


Hi all! My name is Erin and I guess I am now the new editor/admin of the BSC Wiki! Thank you to GlitterDisaster for an awesome job and please, continue to post long and often!

Some basic ground rules:

- Keep the information factual. Be able to back up the information you add (i.e. book example)

- From time to time I may go through and "clean up" articles (i.e. combine repeated information, fix up layouts, etc). I will not delete any information contributed but I may rearrange it. (Sorry guys...I'm an English teacher...sometimes those things bug me!)

With that said, I hope we can grow this Wiki to be the premier wiki source of BSC information and anything related to the series!!! Please spread the word that we are here and open for business so …

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NancyDrewAddict NancyDrewAddict 17 June 2011

Current Reading 2nd Update

I've long finished Claudia And The New Girl. I'm now reading Book #16 Jessi's Secret Language.

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NancyDrewAddict NancyDrewAddict 10 June 2011

Current Reading.

Hi. I'm Alanna. I'm currently reading the entire Baby Sitters Club series again. I'm reading #12 Claudia And The New Girl right now. I'm on Chapter 7, I think. :]

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