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Robert "Bobby" Gianelli is second grader in Ms. Colman's class at Stoneybrook Academy and a classmate of Karen Brewer. Bobby is the elder sibling of Alicia Gianelli and a member of the Gianelli Family. He is a recurring character in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister and The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series, but only a minor character in the Baby-sitters Club series. Bobby lives down the street from Karen and Nancy Dawes on Forest Drive as of Karen's Bully.

Appearance and Personality[]

Despite not being described in the books, the covers show him with brown hair and white skin. His sister is described with olive skin and dark hair in Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies, Bobby might look a little like her.

He is usually confident, fearless, and in the early books was a bit of a bully. He calls himself very stubborn in Karen's Ice Skates, where he mentions that he might have gone on the ice even if Karen told him otherwise.


Bobby is shown to be a bully throughout some of the earlier Baby-Sitters Little Sister books. For instance, a couple of kids such as Sara Ford call him the meanest boy in the class when he and his friends pick on Pamela Harding in Baby Animal Zoo. If she didn't hold a baby animal, he and his friends would wear a shirt that says Pamela Is the Biggest Baby at Stoneybrook Academy to school everyday for a month.

He moved a couple of houses down from Nancy Dawes and Karen Brewer in Karen's Bully. After the events of Karen's Bully, he slowed down in his bullying ways. In Karen's Movie he helped filmed the movie for Karen's grandfather. In Karen's School Bus, Nancy said that Bobby protected her from the big kids on the bus.

He and Nancy Dawes create B&N Gardeners to earn money to spend on the Funland Amusement Park. They split the money they earn between them and hire Andrew Brewer to help out. He stays out of the fight Karen and Nancy get into in Karen's Lucky Penny.

In Karen's Ice Skates Bobby fell into the pond before it was frozen over. Karen and Nancy pulled him out of the water. Nancy had stayed with him while Karen ran to dial 911. He then had to spend some time at Stoneybrook General Hospital.

In Karen's Lemonade Stand Bobby started to sell chocolate chip cookies next to Karen's lemonade stand before and after Krushers games. He eventually temporarily quit the team so he could make some extra money. He finally joined in on the game against the Bashers.

He and his sister helped Karen, Andrew, and Nancy paint a mural with the Barton kids in Karen's Toys. They won first place in the category under ten age group for the funniest panel. They had painted The Gorgones and the Tryops from a controversial movie.

In Karen's New Puppy he and his friends help build a tree house in Karen's backyard. He had gotten into a tree house war with the younger kids when Karen said nobody until six could be in the tree house. His sister had hid the paint brushes.

He and Chris Lamar participated in the snow sculpture contest in Karen's Sleigh Ride.

In Karen's Movie, he films the movie Karen Brewer was making for her grandad. Bobby, along with the others, quit the movie when Karen becomes too bossy. They make up in the end and enjoy their movie premier.

In Karen's in Love he was one of Ricky's groomsmen and ended up kissing Pamela Harding on the cheek in the heat of the moment. In Karen's Home Run he entered the bike decorating contest. He said that if won he the one hundred dollar first prize, he'd buy a bunch of CDs.

Bobby attends Mrs. Stone's farm camp in Karen's County Fair. He was in the cooking group with Ricky Torres, Cordelia, and Pamela Harding.

He narrates the book Science Fair, where he adopts the pet mouse that was part of his Sara, and Karen's since project. He thinks Natalie is okay despite teasing her from time to time. He dislikes Karen calling her his least favorite person in the class.





  • Being scared
  • Writing and spelling and math
  • Group work with nothing but girls
  • When recess ends (especially in spring)

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