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Bobby on the cover of Karen's Bully

Bobby Gianelli is a minor character that is in Baby-sitters Club book #52 Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies. He is a recurring character in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister and The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series. Bobby is in the second grade with Karen and her friends at Stoneybrook Academy.

He moved in a couple houses down from Nancy Dawes and Karen Brewer in Little Sister #31 Karen's Bully.


  • He has a little sister named Alicia who is friends with Andrew Brewer.
  • His dad used to work as a teacher but it is unknown what he does now.
  • His mom worked away from home.
  • They used to have a dog before he moved to the new neighborhood


  • In Karen's School Bus, Nancy said that Bobby "protected" her from the big kids.
  • He attended circus camp and camp BSC (not at the same time).
  • He appears as a Lost Boy in the production of Peter Pan.
  • In Holiday Time he is part of the Hanukkah group.
  • If he won $100, he would buy a bunch of CDs
  • He is friends with the boys in Ms. Colman's class


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