Bobby Gianelli
Full name

Robert Gianelli




Stoneybrook, CT




Mr. Gianelli
Mrs. Gianelli
Alicia Gianelli (sister)


Stoneybrook Academy



Bobby Gianelli is second grader in Ms. Colman's class at Stoneybrook Academy and a classmate of Karen Brewer. He is a recurring character in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister and The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series, but only a minor character in the Baby-sitters Club series. He is usually confident, fearless, and in the early books was a bit of a bully.

Appearance Edit

Biography Edit

He is shown to be a bully throughout some of the earlier Baby-Sitters Little Sister books and he knows that, a couple of kids such as Sara Ford calls him the meanest boy in the class. Such as when he and his friends would picking on Pamela Harding in Baby Animal Zoo. If she didn't hold a baby animal, he and his friends would wear a shirt that says Pamela Is the Biggest Baby at Stoneybrook Academy to school everyday for a month.

He moved in a couple houses down from Nancy Dawes and Karen Brewer in Little Sister #31 Karen's Bully. After the events of Karen's Bully, he has slowed down on his bullying ways. In Karen's Movie he helped filmed the movie her her grandfather. In Karen's School Bus, Nancy said that Bobby protected her from the big kids.

In Karen's Ice Skates Bobby had fell into the pond before it was frozen over. Karen and Nancy had pulled him out of the water and called 911. He had spent some time at the hospital before being released.

Friends Edit

Pets Edit

  • They used to have a dog before he moved to the new neighborhood.
  • Harriet a pet mouse

Likes Edit

  • Going up high on the jungle gym.
  • Sports
  • Hootie the class guinea pig
  • His sister
  • Animals

Dislikes Edit

  • Being scared
  • Writing and spelling
  • group work with nothing but girls

Book AppearancesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • He attended circus camp and camp BSC (not at the same time).
  • He appears as a Lost Boy in the production of Peter Pan.
  • In Holiday Time he is part of the Hanukkah group.
  • He thinks Natalie is okay despite teasing her from time to time. He dislikes Karen calling her his least favorite person in the class.
  • Bobby is apathetic about science classes.
  • He once got an ant farm for Christmas.
  • Has once been to a different circus camp then the one the BSC hosted.
  • In Karen's Home Run he entered the bike decorating contest. He said that if won he the one hundred dollar first prize, he'd buy a bunch of CDs.
  • He likes to pull pranks on people like in Karen's Big Joke and Karen's Haunted House.
  • In Karen's Field Day Karen says that he's a fast runner.
  • He doesn't like the schools mystery meat.


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