Boo-Boo the cat from LS3
Boo-Boo was Watson Brewer's pet cat that he owned since before he married Lisa Engle.

Boo Boo is described as gray with big yellow eyes, weighs 17 pounds, mean, old & cranky.

He would bite & scratch if he was provoked. He sometimes slept in the laundry basket. He slept & ate all day long.

He hated Mrs. Porter, but okay with other people & animals.

Boo Boo was not allowed outdoors. He wouldn't set foot above the second floor because of Ben Brewer's ghost.

He was entered in the BSC Pet Show by Max Delaney and was surprisingly calm and happy when held by Max. Boo-Boo won "Best Personality."

In "Karen's Brothers", we learn that Boo-Boo was born into a litter of five kittens; he had four brothers and sisters.

Boo-Boo later passed away and the family got a kitten named Pumpkin.


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