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Boo-Boo the cat from LS3

Boo-Boo was Watson Brewer's pet cat that he owned since before he married Lisa Engle.


Boo Boo is described as gray with big yellow eyes, weighs 14 pounds in Mallory on Strike, mean, old and cranky.


In Karen's Brothers, we learn that Boo-Boo was born into a litter of five kittens; he had four brothers and sisters.

In Karen's Black Cat he was dropped off at the animal shelter from a farmhouse. Watson told Karen that he had originally picked a a black kitten. He had picked her up and then the gray tiger-striped kitten came along and mewed. He stood up on his hind legs and batted his paws in the air. The man that ran the shelter said that he had never seen him do that before. Watson put down the black cat and it ran back to it's siblings but the gray kitten stayed behind. Boo Boo had cuddled and fell asleep in his arms and Watson had taken him home.

He would bite & scratch if he was provoked. He sometimes slept in the laundry basket. He slept & ate all day long. He hated Mrs. Porter, but okay with other people & animals.

He was entered in the BSC Pet Show by Max Delaney and was surprisingly calm and happy when held by Max. Boo-Boo won "Best Personality" in Jessi and the Dance School Phantom.

Boo-Boo later passed away in Karen's Movie Star (sometime before Abby's Un-Valentine) shortly after the family got a kitten named Pumpkin. He died in his sleep in the back of the linen closet in the hallway.