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This article is about the graphic novel. For the Netflix episode, see Boy-Crazy Stacey (episode). For the original novel see Boy-Crazy Stacey.

Boy-Crazy Stacey is a graphic novel made by Gale Galligan and is the 7th book in the BSC Graphic Novels novel. It is based on the novel Boy-Crazy Stacey.

Back Cover Summary[]

Stacey, Mary Anne are babysitting for the Pike Family for two weeks at the New Jersey shore. Things are great in Sea City: There's a gorgeous house right on the beach, a boardwalk, plenty of sun and sand... and the cutest boy Stacey has ever seen!

Mary Anne thinks that Stacey should leave Scott alone and focus on the Pike kids, but Stacey's in love. Looking for reasons to hang around his lifeguard stand takes up all her time, which means Mary Anne has to do the job of two babysitters! How can she tell Stacey that Scott just isn't interested without ruining their friendship and breaking Stacey's heart?


Stacey and Mary Anne are baby-sitting for the Pike family at New Jersey Shore. During their 2-week stay, Stacey McGill has fallen head over heels for a 15-year-old lifeguard named Scott. Which Stacey believes is true love at first sight. To Mary Anne, she is getting irritated with Stacey, due to the fact that Stacey is abandoning her duty as a baby-sitter any chance she'll get.

Differences between the Book and Graphic Novel[]

  • Scott is said to be 18 years old in the original novel, however in this version his age is set to 15 years old so readers wouldn't make fun of him.
  • Abby kind of looks like Abby Stevenson.
  • In the original novel, Claire offers Mary Anne margarine for her sunburn. In this book, she offers Mary Anne peanut butter.
  • Kristy didn't babysit her siblings, and Karen and Andrew didn’t wash Watson's car.


  • When Stacey, Mary Anne, Toby, and Alex went to Hercules Hot Dogs, Stacey had no ketchup on her hot dogs. But in section 3, she has ketchup on her hot dog on page 140.
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